2007 Ducks

Hi all! I just wanted to do a quick write on the best and worse things that has happened to the Ducks in the year 2007. Best things in 2007 Beating Detroit in the WCF in 6 games. Winning the Stanley Cup against the Senators in 5 games. I found it funny that most of […]

Monday Ice Water Cooler

Its celebration time! Time to go out with the old and in with the new. Ah yeah, it’s New Year’s Eve! Fantasy Hockey 101 is again on vacation till Thursday as well it is a time to be with family, cook some food, and enjoy a bunch of hockey and beer. So as you’re celebrating […]

The NHL Arena Program Year In Review….

Time to kick back and enjoy a few as we go spanning the year to bring you the best that The NHL Arena Program has to offer. It has been a long, strange year from the expected to the unexpected right down to the sublime. However, we are going to try our best to span […]

A Special Treat…….

Yes before the Game Of The Week, there is brunchtime with Chris where we liveblog the nice Saturday afternoon (morning for me) game. The Flyers travel to Tampa where the vultures are circling around Tampa Bay especially when they are under .500 and playing well below expectations. Well time to get this started….drop that damn […]

Hockey Around The Horn: The DUEL!

Yes we had a few mail screwups but now it is time for….. THE LAST 2007 HATH: The Duel!!!! HOCKEY AROUND THE HORN BEEP! BEEP!! Welcome everyone…I am your host Chris Wassel…today we have a special Duel-like edition of Hockey Around The Horn with two of our favorite experts….Money and Oilers4Ever….expect the sparks to fly […]

Fantasy Hockey 101: These Three Turkeys

It is fast approaching New Years…time to make a resolution (maybe!) and name some more turkeys. First…the resolution…a promise to only find the cream of the crop in turkeys for next year and not to just put up a turkey just because. That has always been our motto…but we will try even harder next year […]

This One’s For The Goalies…..

Goalies rejoice!! Santa must have been good to you because here is a triple shot of great goaltending saves….one Top 10 is from Martin Brodeur, a tribute to Roberto Luongo, and one is from last year…..enjoy it everyone!

Yes We’re Back!!!!

Well after a couple of much deserved days off….we are indeed back in the saddle again (to quote an old old Aerosmith song). I admit I spent the better part of the two days trying to quell the hockey withdrawal with some good old classic DVD’s and some classic games that were on online. Thank […]

Monday Ice Water Cooler

Greetings from me, ye director from The NHL Arena Program. Normally we would have the Ice Water Cooler and all its glory along with Fantasy Hockey 101 today and a bunch of good stuff for Tuesday….but hey even we get the holiday off here. Don’t fret hockey fans, we will be coming back Wednesday morning […]


BY Mr. Pogo For the 2nd time in a week we score 5 goals and lose 6-5 in the shootout… Now we’re tied for last in the Atlantic… We aren’t even playing THAT bad but we just can’t win… Like “it’s me” said… This looks like last years team with a bigger payroll. I find […]

The Fab 4: An End To The Trilogy

No doubt the last two legs of the San Jose – Anaheim trilogy was dominated by the Ducks. The Ducks won last night 5-2 in a physical tour de force effort that had to make Carlyle and Burke very happy heading into the Christmas holiday. Yes they were outshot but really that was only one […]

Mark Retched

Mark Recchi is a bum. There. Said and done. Recchi was always one of my favorite Pittsburgh Penguins players. His personality, his game play, his locker room presence, and his leadership with the younger players, all made him a man to be liked and respected. But that all changed when he was put on waivers […]

Your Brunchtime Preview….

St. Louis travels to Boston today to face the Bruins in an afternoon tilt….or for you lucky West Coasters who have Center Ice, you can eat some breakfast and watch some hockey….gotta love it!! Boston nearly pulled out a 4-0 deficit Thursday night at home against Pittsburgh but lost 5-4 in a shootout. Considering the […]

Fanning The Flames!!!!

On Paper… (By Sharon Mack) On paper…the flames have plenty of experienceBoth in offense, and Defense.On paper…The flames have two of the best offensiveLines in the NHL.On paper…The flames have a strong defensive coreAnd on of the best goalies in the NHL. Strange how.. what’s on paper doesn’t always translate toWhat IS in reality.The […]

Christmas Wish List Part 2

O’ Christmas Tree! O’ Christmas Tree! We take a look at what the 15 Western Conference teams may need this holiday season. Will Santa bring it to them or will they get lumps and lumps of dark black coal? At any rate, this is what they may just be wishing for. The Western Conference Anaheim […]