BY Mr. Pogo

For the 2nd time in a week we score 5 goals and lose 6-5 in the shootout… Now we’re tied for last in the Atlantic… We aren’t even playing THAT bad but we just can’t win… Like “it’s me” said… This looks like last years team with a bigger payroll. I find it funny though, during this losing streak we have done two things… Extended Richards to 12 years and extended Stevens to one year… Everyone flips out about this Richards deal (even though nothing has changed in his game) and only a couple people thumb their noses at Stevens…

People, PEOPLE! Listen, I have been wondering this since before the season started… What has Stevens done that gained everyones confidence? He took over our team EARLY last year and we finished DEAD LAST… Granted we weren’t overflowing with talent and we were in no way exactly healthy either. Take this year, now we have some talent… Some Damn fine talent to, and with Richards playing the way he is… What the hell is the problem!? Can somebody who has been watching these games tell me what the hell is wrong?

Something needs to be changed soon, and extending a coaches contract in the middle of a LOSING STREAK, THE LONGEST OF THE SEASON!!!!!! IS NOT THE WAY TO DO IT!

ANOTHER THING! How do you trade an ENFORCER, and during the next game let our ONLY other ENFORCER sit on the bench when the opposing team is bullying us around… US! Cote, if none of you have heard yet, got only 30 seconds of Ice time last night when the Sabres were running around, nailing our star players, and I mean momentum changing hits, There Cote sits.

And Still Cote sat… I might be crazy, but wasn’t the point of the Broad Street Bullies, so we wouldn’t get out muscled, or pushed around by anyone?

And Before ANYONE, challenges my opinion on Stevens, answer my question… What has John Stevens done, that won your confidence?

And Winning the Calder cup, during the lockout with NHL caliber players on an AHL team, doesn’t count…


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