Can You Hear Me Now?

Some Afternoon Hockey Musings…

The goal of bringing back The Hockey Program was to occasionally just write a little here and there on hockey, and yes, food. Musings are fun. A couple of times a week we will likely post a simple several hundred word spiel on something that is of interest. First off, I would personally like to […]

Time To Bring Some Things Back

Hello everyone! We have been gone from here awhile. The pandemic kind of altered a lot of plans along the way. One of them was bringing back this site to some sort of operational status. Now, laughably, the first thing we had to was renew the site domain registration. That sounds like something silly but […]

Food Picture Of The Week

From time to time, we will display some of the creations I either make or eat. This should be a good bit of fun. Today’s spotlight is Chris’s homemade macaroni and cheese. One never knows what I may come up with next.

Into The Great Wide Open Err NHL Pause…

Honestly, we may not know when the NHL will come back or IF it comes back this season. The NHL has asked the 31 teams to keep dates available for games until late August. It seems hard to believe a couple of weeks have passed since the 2019-20 season went on hiatus. No one can […]

NHL Playoff Race 2020: The Eastern Conference ELIMINATOR

At long last, it is back…the ELIMINATOR. We take a look at how many points should be the projection to make the playoffs in each conference. Then, we adjust accordingly as the second season draws closer. This is quite simple. It is not just for hockey fans but the sports bettors too. This is because […]

The Legend Of Forsberg Tuesday

It is fun to look back into the fantasy hockey and sports betting realm sometimes. The best part is when players one has an eye on blossom into big-time professionals. Filip Forsberg from the Nashville Predators is one of those forwards. When he was traded from the Washington Capitals for Martin Erat, it was only a matter of […]

Fantasy Hockey Turkeys

Fantasy Hockey Turkeys: April 22nd

Fantasy Hockey Turkeys — April 22nd It is the time of year where the playoff turkeys take over and spread their wings. There will be one more edition of the “Turkeys” hopefully at the end of Round 1. Here were last night’s three turkeys. Mitch Marner — 0 shots, -1, 0 points John Tavares — […]

Sidney Crosby

Fantasy Hockey Turkeys — April 16th

Here is just a quick update on our leaderboard for the fantasy hockey turkeys of the 2018-19 Stanley Cup Playoffs. A more detailed analysis will be coming soon. Fantasy Hockey Turkeys Sidney Crosby —  0 points Nikita Kucherov —  0 points Martin Jones — 1-1 with a 5.23 GAA and .849 save percentage There are […]

Welcome To The NHL Playoff Eliminator

The reality is the NHL regular season is about to thunder on to its conclusion. Just a little less than three weeks are left. A few teams have clinched playoff spots already while others are on the verge of clinching. This post just goes over some possible scenarios including records teams may have to go […]

Fantasy Mumblings And Rumblings (March 13th)

Tuesday Notes And Scuttlebutt Again, this quick outlook is for the seven games tonight. Every day, the goal here is to do something a little different. First off, here is tonight’s schedule. Schedule Time  Boston @ Carolina  7pm ET Dallas @ Montreal  7:30pm ET Ottawa @ Tampa Bay  7:30pm ET Winnipeg @ Nashville  8pm ET […]

Mumblings And Rumblings: A New Fantasy Hockey Chapter

Welcome to a fantasy hockey column that is off the beaten path. It is a work in progress. The goal is to give you a four week blow by blow digest of what is going on. Whether it has gone wrong or right, the idea is go through the past, present, and future in a […]

The Injury Ninja Speaks

It had to happen sometime. Yes, the Injury Ninja has indeed found another place to write and pontificate about injuries. While there has been consulting, soon there will be writing on The Fantasy Doctors. It is a long sought after opportunity or that is how the story goes. Injuries will be in all their glory but fantasy hockey […]

Just Shut Up And Write Hockey

  Dear Hockey Public: Simply, I was asked okay when are you going to write a little more. When were you going to bring back the Injury Ninja? There were some other questions as well. The answer is the time is now. It has been a long and strange year to say the least. Anything […]

Sometimes We Come Back

This is just a short and sweet message to announce yes we are back. All the crazy posts, the fantasy hockey stuff, the injuries, the whatever you want to call it….is back. We are even going to bring back the predictions just for the playoffs. The world is a vampire as the Smashing Pumpkins once […]

Sidney Crosby

Crosby firing as Penguins go on the charge

There was a time earlier this season when the Pittsburgh Penguins were looking nothing like the potential Stanley Cup-challenging team that many had expected. Having suffered a 4-0 loss to New Jersey midway through November, the third defeat the team had endured in four games, centre Evgeni Malkin called for a team meeting to try and put a […]