Welcome To The NHL Playoff Eliminator

The reality is the NHL regular season is about to thunder on to its conclusion. Just a little less than three weeks are left. A few teams have clinched playoff spots already while others are on the verge of clinching. This post just goes over some possible scenarios including records teams may have to go […]

Fantasy Mumblings And Rumblings (March 13th)

Tuesday Notes And Scuttlebutt Again, this quick outlook is for the seven games tonight. Every day, the goal here is to do something a little different. First off, here is tonight’s schedule. Schedule Time  Boston @ Carolina  7pm ET Dallas @ Montreal  7:30pm ET Ottawa @ Tampa Bay  7:30pm ET Winnipeg @ Nashville  8pm ET […]

Mumblings And Rumblings: A New Fantasy Hockey Chapter

Welcome to a fantasy hockey column that is off the beaten path. It is a work in progress. The goal is to give you a four week blow by blow digest of what is going on. Whether it has gone wrong or right, the idea is go through the past, present, and future in a […]

The Injury Ninja Speaks

It had to happen sometime. Yes, the Injury Ninja has indeed found another place to write and pontificate about injuries. While there has been consulting, soon there will be writing on The Fantasy Doctors. It is a long sought after opportunity or that is how the story goes. Injuries will be in all their glory but fantasy hockey […]

Just Shut Up And Write Hockey

  Dear Hockey Public: Simply, I was asked okay when are you going to write a little more. When were you going to bring back the Injury Ninja? There were some other questions as well. The answer is the time is now. It has been a long and strange year to say the least. Anything […]

Sometimes We Come Back

This is just a short and sweet message to announce yes we are back. All the crazy posts, the fantasy hockey stuff, the injuries, the whatever you want to call it….is back. We are even going to bring back the predictions just for the playoffs. The world is a vampire as the Smashing Pumpkins once […]

Sidney Crosby

Crosby firing as Penguins go on the charge

There was a time earlier this season when the Pittsburgh Penguins were looking nothing like the potential Stanley Cup-challenging team that many had expected. Having suffered a 4-0 loss to New Jersey midway through November, the third defeat the team had endured in four games, centre Evgeni Malkin called for a team meeting to try and put a […]

The Injury Ninja 2016 NHL All Stars

Every year, this is something we do for the injured or dearly fallen. Some of these players may or may not be All-Stars but they have had an impact on their current teams because they are missing from the lineup. It wasn’t the easiest of lists to come up with this year because actually the […]

New Jersey’s Case Of The Tuesdays

New Jersey has been a pleasant surprise in their ability to stay around .500 this far into the season. As we head further into December, the level of production from the top-six forwards has been very solid still. However, some severe concerns about the bottom-six and the bottom defensive pairings have created more problems. The Devils […]

The Merrill Malaise Gets Worse In Jersey

This is a flip the bird type post!  Jon Merrill was not expected to be an offensive force but at the very least, more was expected defensively. The problem this year for the New Jersey Devils is that he really has had two months to forget. What may be worse is that New Jersey was really counting on […]

Exploring Saturday Night Special For Fantasy

Most people know I do a “Saturday Night Special” column on Dobberhockey highlighting the values and high priced options for daily fantasy hockey. However, it has come to a lot of people’s attention that hockey just gets pooed on even by the fantasy sports industry and sometimes the NHL quite honestly. No one likes to admit how […]

A Look Back At Devils Prospects (9/8)

It is hard to believe that New Jersey Devils rookie camp starts on Thursday. As the players get ready for their trip up to Buffalo, a few surprises may just be on the horizon. In total, 24 players are on the roster. This is comprised of two goalies, seven defensemen, and 15 forwards. When you further break […]

Treading Fantasy Wise On Patrick Kane

This is going to be one of the toughest questions to ascertain as the season approaches. What will become of Patrick Kane? As everyone knows, rape cases can take a long time to come to a verdict. It is feasible that the Chicago Blackhawks forward could play the entire season before even being charged. That sounds crazy but […]

Can New York Rangers Win The Stanley Cup Next Season?

After an impressive 2014-15 season, New York Rangers are looking to challenge for their fifth Stanley Cup success in franchise history. Despite New York’s long-standing success and history, they have been crowned NHL champions just once in the post-war period. Since 1940, the Rangers have appeared in the Stanley Cup on five separate occasions – most […]

The Program Returns Again Hockey Fans!

The Program returned once again on Sunday night with the same old attitude and yet a little more snarl than usual. Tim Rosenthal and myself figured it was about damn time to bring the podcast back and this time we have upgrades. One of the biggest issues we always had editing was the sound of the host. It […]