Can New York Rangers Win The Stanley Cup Next Season?

After an impressive 2014-15 season, New York Rangers are looking to challenge for their fifth Stanley Cup success in franchise history. Despite New York’s long-standing success and history, they have been crowned NHL champions just once in the post-war period. Since 1940, the Rangers have appeared in the Stanley Cup on five separate occasions – most […]

The Program Returns Again Hockey Fans!

The Program returned once again on Sunday night with the same old attitude and yet a little more snarl than usual. Tim Rosenthal and myself figured it was about damn time to bring the podcast back and this time we have upgrades. One of the biggest issues we always had editing was the sound of the host. It […]

Betting Made Easy By

Bettors a little help and a hat tip to It was been a crazy first round and just think we are just getting into the teeth of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Bettors will not have it easy as the schedules get shorter and shorter so start here by learning more about NHL betting. Watching […]

Cory Schneider A DFS Smile For Sore Eyes

It really has been a fun time of it for daily fantasy players who have rode Cory Schneider over and over and over again. The first half featured some solid numbers and an inkling of what was to come. However, few knew it would be like this. Tuesday night featured a St. Patrick’s Day “Retro Night” and another sterling […]

Playing With The Daily Fantasy Hockey Landscape

Hello readers…. As always, we are trying to do some different things. Yes it may not work but the goal is to always stretch the boundaries. In the near future, I will be working for ProjectRoto. It is one of the best fantasy sports sites out there for a reason. They seek to change the way […]

The Injury Ninja All Star Team

Oh god! He is back! The greatest nightmare in the history of sports has assembled an All Star Team capable of crushing Team Toews and Team Foligno. Sadly to recruit these players, there had to be an injury or sometimes a perceived injury but those are minor details. These rosters have a few guys missing and yes the […]

A Look Back: Lou’s Devil — Marketing

This was the first part of a three part series that debuted when the blog was called “The NHL Arena Program”. Here it goes……there will be more as well as new content. The picture above is from 2014. Let’s take a trip back in time.   LOU’S ACKNOWLEDGED MISTAKE: MARKETING When this era is over, […]

Hey We’re Back!

Sorry for the absence but it was necessary in order to start oh I don’t know….my hockey writing career in earnest. There are many people to thank for that but one in particular and that is obviously Rachel Cena. The Program will become a bit of a personal hockey writing site and it will pretty be all […]

Videos Before Bedtime: NHL 15 Music

Hello everyone! This video is from “Hoeman & Sully”….you may hear this on NHL15 but here it goes….a “Videos Before Bedtime” exclusive.

Thanks again and have a good night. Remember the rules of the “Shootout Armada”.

Videos Before Bedtime: The RETURN

It feels like home old week and yet here we are. This morning we sneak this in because honestly, I have not gone to bed yet. Tonight’s submission should remind people that hockey is the most charitable sport out there. Thanks to Jay And Dan of Fox Sports.

Enjoy and we will have a few of these a week during the season.

F U Player Of The Night IS BACK!

Oh god! So people were asking if the F-U would return this Fall and the answer is a resounding yes. In case, you were wondering, here is a link or two. This year we will have a daily and weekly award as well from time to time. Again keep in mind that we fully expect […]

Smack It, Smack It Good (Claude Giroux Parody)

It came to my attention that sometimes a great parody just needs two things….a trigger (event) and a fine song to go along for the ride. With the Claude Giroux incident fresh in everyone’s minds, we took a different look at an old favorite. If you remember Devo’s “Whip It”, then you can see where this is headed.   […]

2014/15 NHL Opening Odds — A Fixed Look

  The celebrations are likely still running high in Los Angeles following the Kings 2013-14 NHL triumph, but they have little time to rest on their laurels, as the 2014/15 fixture list was released on June 22nd. The opening round of fixtures was released just days prior and it is safe to say that there […]

Bet On It: Hawks-Kings Game 6

Tomorrow night’s Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals features a clash between the Chicago Blackhawks and Los Angeles Kings. Chicago narrowly staved off elimination when Michael Handzus scored in the second overtime Wednesday night. The beauty in a series like this is the simple fact that one goal could change things…..or not. Los Angeles has shown the ability […]