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It was been a crazy first round and just think we are just getting into the teeth of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Bettors will not have it easy as the schedules get shorter and shorter so start here by learning more about NHL betting. Watching certain trends take shape is always fun but do they translate from round to round. People always ask this and there is no real fluid answer.

The actual answer is yes and no. Some trends follow suit much like the West’s insatiable appetite for goal scoring last year. It did not seem like it would ever end but even Los Angeles got into the act as they were among the top three scoring teams in the playoffs on their way to another Stanley Cup. No one saw that coming, given they were at one point hitting the twine at below two times per home contest. Ouch!

The Chicago Goal Brigade?

Speaking of pounding the over relentlessly, there is the Chicago Blackhawks. When all of your games smash the over/under and the bookies still do not move it, why look a gift horse in the mouth, right? You keep on betting that for all of its worth. Unless the Blackhawks defense has markedly improved between rounds, they are going to have their hands full against the Minnesota Wild, who possess one of the youngest cores in the league. The Wild have a nice mix of vets and youth. Furthermore, they are clicking on the power play as evidenced by their four tallies and quite a few short handed chances against St. Louis.

Considering the defensive numbers and what Corey Crawford served up in Round 1, the over/under should move to six every so often but will it? Come playoff time, bookies get very hesitant in doing that. The last time they did so was in 2012 as Pittsburgh battled Philadelphia. They would get burned twice by that logic and have not done it since.

If you watched the Nashville series at all, the way the Blackhawks win is to play heart attack hockey. That is the only way for them at times when the goaltending and defense go belly up. It will be intriguing to see how often they have to do that in Round 2.

The Rangers Under The Bus

On the other hand, there is the New York Rangers who are the warriors of “under”. It is sometimes god awful to watch them and the puck line to the opposition is almost a gate way to victory. It was in all five contests against Pittsburgh amazingly. As a matter of fact, all four Ranger victories came by the score of 2-1 well under the over/under of 5 set by the bookies in Las Vegas. The game preview says it all and the money line has slid closer and closer to -150 as the day goes on.

The under feels strong in the Rangers but look at team unders and see where they lie around 5 or 6 pm ET or so. If they are still in a desirable range then pull the trigger there too. There is a lot to choose from over the next few days and we have barely scratched the surface. That is the fun part in betting this time of year. It looks like there is less but the reality is there is more.

Good luck betting public because we are going to have more….much more. Thanks for reading!

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