Playing With The Daily Fantasy Hockey Landscape

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As always, we are trying to do some different things. Yes it may not work but the goal is to always stretch the boundaries. In the near future, I will be working for ProjectRoto. It is one of the best fantasy sports sites out there for a reason. They seek to change the way the game is being played.

Already, betting and odds are being slowly mixed into the daily fantasy hockey landscape. How are they used? Simply, swings in lines often indicate not just injuries but a way of seeing patterns that may be missed sometimes. The rash of overs hitting tonight was not an accident and that helped even in gauging some lines.

For example, Florida was hellbent on stopping Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg but the Stephen Weiss line. Detroit line slowly swung throughout the day and when Florida was asked, their number one key was to stop Zetterberg. Right there, it was almost even money to go down the line charts on Detroit and the former Panthers’ line. It just happened to be too easy. Sometimes the choices are not so simple but the indication of why the line moved was partially because of good old inside intelligence.

That is just a small example. Again the next is to figure out why certain players just tend to perform the way they do against certain teams. Look at how Jaroslav Halak handles the New York Rangers. He helps the Islanders by stopping the shots he needs to and the rest often works itself out. Halak made 40 saves tonight along with Carey Price ironically. However, the Islanders goalie knows he is in the heads of the Rangers and it shows. Why? The body language of Ranger players was so clear after a few solid saves in the first period.

Just imagine what point that hit when Halak started making the very good to outstanding look nearly routine. This caused the Rangers to change their shot selection yet again and that made it even easier for the Islanders. A team has to get Halak thinking early because if they do not, he controls the mind games.

There are about eleven weeks, give or take, left to go in the regular season (74 days to be exact) and this is only the beginning. Stay tuned on Saturday as we take dynasty to a whole new level with the NAFHA Trade Deadline Show on The Program.

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