Exploring Saturday Night Special For Fantasy

Most people know I do a “Saturday Night Special” column on Dobberhockey highlighting the values and high priced options for daily fantasy hockey. However, it has come to a lot of people’s attention that hockey just gets pooed on even by the fantasy sports industry and sometimes the NHL quite honestly. No one likes to admit how low we are on the totem pole but we are. A lot of that is self inflicted from the league and experts.

Well gradually we are going to attempt to change that. Saturday is typically the biggest slate of hockey games and the most pivotal when it comes to season long and well as daily. Why not have a show before 7:00 pm ET that spotlights the latest news, events, predictions, and more.

No one else is really going to do it and Sirius/XM just does not quite do it justice either so it’s up to us — the fantasy hockey fans and experts. Now our thing is this. We need help.

We need help from you!

Simple we need ideas, suggestions, etc. Yes there is a framework for a show but this needs to come from the fans, etc. This must be a show about you and not us. The goal is to come up with some serious brainstorming and then by the winter months or sooner launch the show as fantasy hockey gets more intense.

Thanks again for understanding and hopefully this is a project we can get off the ground. It may be more vital to the fantasy hockey community than people think.




Chris Wassel 

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