The Program Returns Again Hockey Fans!

The Program returned once again on Sunday night with the same old attitude and yet a little more snarl than usual. Tim Rosenthal and myself figured it was about damn time to bring the podcast back and this time we have upgrades.

One of the biggest issues we always had editing was the sound of the host. It would almost always get drowned out or worse echo a ton. The first episode on Sunday featured very few of those nagging issues. Difficulty increases when your show always seems to sound like it was done out of a tin can. With a new way to connect, and better hi-fi, along with an improved headjack, the goal has been achieved.

This is just the beginning however. As we work out some bugs and kinks, guests and of course divisional previews of death will be upon us quickly. The goal is to not only bring back the show to where it was but to hopefully make it even better. Now that we sound a bit more professional (key word there), the idea is to come back with a vengeance.

The show can be found on iTunes by searching for podcasts then “The Program” or on Blog Talk Radio. Our phone number to call in is 1-347-826-7358 and when I say we talk all things hockey, we talk all things hockey. No subject is really out of bounds and thanks to the CoachChic Radio Network for all of their help.

Come take a listen Sunday and if you have some topics you want touched on then send us a message via Twitter. We are pretty easy to find. Thanks again!



Chris Wassel

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