Can You Hear Me Now?

Some Afternoon Hockey Musings…

The goal of bringing back The Hockey Program was to occasionally just write a little here and there on hockey, and yes, food. Musings are fun. A couple of times a week we will likely post a simple several hundred word spiel on something that is of interest.

First off, I would personally like to thank these guys for having me on their podcast last night.

It is a lot of fun just sitting back and letting it rip about hockey, or anything for that matter. There is lots of rumor talk. Also, a little hint or three on how this trade deadline might go. In short, expect the unexpected with a side of chaos.

One of the biggest aspects of the March 21st deadline is the abundance of talent and depth out there. This will get whittled down sone as the day approaches of course. Just the idea of seeing this much chatter is appealing enough. No one likes a dull trade deadline — well except for the players.

Some DFS and Betting advice tonight…

Sometimes the gods must be crazy. Oh, Calgary…?

Erik Gudbranson is just $2,500. True story. Thank you DraftKings. Oh, FanDuel has the top Calgary line all right around $8,000. It just is one of those “fishing moments”.

Also, the expectation in Calgary is goals. Hopefully, it does not disappoint. If that game is half as entertaining as the Montreal-Winnipeg game from Tuesday, that works too. Sadly, New Jersey is not playing so one cannot use the most automatic first period over in life. Sorry.

It is also nice to see nine games tonight. There is lots to choose from and on social media, watch for shifts in value. With March cranking up, the intensity only goes up from here. It is hard to believe that in eight weeks, the regular season ends.

Good luck out there and as always, follow @ChrisWasselDFS for the latest.

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Simply I am a sports writer whose first loves will always be hockey and food. As we attempt to fix the site which has fallen into some disrepair (okay a lot), any and all help is always appreciated. For now, everything will channel through on a post by post basis. As always, let's have some fun!