The Legend Of Forsberg Tuesday

It is fun to look back into the fantasy hockey and sports betting realm sometimes. The best part is when players one has an eye on blossom into big-time professionals. Filip Forsberg from the Nashville Predators is one of those forwards. When he was traded from the Washington Capitals for Martin Erat, it was only a matter of time.

That time did not take long.

The Forsberg Legend Begins

Forsberg was a 20-year-old in his first full NHL season with the Nashville Predators. Expectations were pretty high but somewhere in the neighborhood of maybe 20 goals and close to 50 points. Then, the season started. It was one of the first few Tuesdays of the NHL season and I was just debuting Fantasy Hockey XMichael Clifford and Christopher Pacheco were my co-hosts at the time.

It was then I made one of my boldest predictions of that month probably

“Filip Forsberg will score tonight!” — the show was taped on Tuesday at the time. 

Sure enough, that night Forsberg tallied a goal and two assists in the Nashville win. It began a bizarre string of Tuesdays where Forsberg would just find a way to get points. In 18 of the first 20 Tuesdays of that year, the Nashville winger had at least one point. That included a streak of 11 in a row.

Also, it was not too long before this caught on with Twitter. Social media has a funny way of catching on to the strangest things. This is often how it goes.

Forsberg wound up with 26 goals and 63 points in that breakout 2014-15 campaign. That was just the beginning. The forward started 2015-16 with points in 15 of his first 20 Tuesdays. If that was not enough, the left-winger tallied points in 14 of his first 18 Tuesdays in 2016-17. From there, the legend continues to this day.

Just think, Forsberg, is still only 25 years old. The best is truly yet to come.

What is Forsberg up to now? 

Ah, the forward was a bit banged up early in the season. However, he has nine goals and five assists in just 12 games. Even better, the forward is averaging four shots a game on a Nashville Predators team that scores well over three goals a night.

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