Fantasy Hockey 101: These Three Turkeys

It is fast approaching New Years…time to make a resolution (maybe!) and name some more turkeys.

First…the resolution…a promise to only find the cream of the crop in turkeys for next year and not to just put up a turkey just because. That has always been our motto…but we will try even harder next year to make sure that doesn’t happen. And now, the three turkeys…….

Rick Nash (LW) — Columbus Blue Jackets

Well honestly nothing has changed here….and yes it may be hard considering most teams have only played a game or two since last Thursday, but it is what it is folks. Nash still has no points in over two weeks….and he will stay a turkey until he does so….getting a second straight nod (a first since Andrei Markov). I don’t know what is wrong with Nash…maybe a psychiatrist could figure this one out since Ken Hitchcock obviously hasn’t.

Zdeno Chara (D) — Boston Bruins

Well over the last two weeks….Chara has been a big huge ouch defensively and some of that has to do with the constantly changing goaltending situation in Boston but that doesn’t excuse his play completely. His -8 in the last 2 weeks is rather alarming as Boston has played some tougher opponents recently. This was highlighted by a -4 against St. Louis where two of his turnovers led to goals and an inexplicable turnover against New Jersey on the 13th that Jamie Langenbrunner kindly deposited into an empty net. He does have three points in this stretch but as an anchor of the defense and Captain…he has an example to set and it has been a bad one as Boston is starting to slide back to the pack in the East.

Martin Biron (G) — Philadelphia Flyers

The last time he won was 16 days ago….since then he is 0-2-2 with a GAA of nearly 4. His save percentage in that time was .885…which isn’t that bad given the Flyers D has allowed 34.8 shots per game…that is alot no matter the circumstance. However, some of the goals he has given up have been alarming…particularly the OT goal against Buffalo. Even in the Flyers hot start…Biron was getting peppered with shots at around 31 a game….so why the difference now? One can’t really say its the quality of opponent (that has been about the same). What can be said though is that Biron’s game has still not quite gotten back to what it was in October. Maybe it will eventually but clearly right now he is still a bit of a turkey to have on your team.

Next week…we will hit 2008….and well we’ll have three more turkeys to ring in the New Year and maybe just maybe some leftover turkey.

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