Yes We’re Back!!!!

Well after a couple of much deserved days off….we are indeed back in the saddle again (to quote an old old Aerosmith song). I admit I spent the better part of the two days trying to quell the hockey withdrawal with some good old classic DVD’s and some classic games that were on online. Thank you Leafs TV, Youtube, and well my wife, Dawn for keeping my sanity in this relatively trying time. Your efforts were all much appreciated.

But finally hockey comes back later today or tomorrow evening for us still in the Western and the Mountain time zones. So grab a cider or beer, and just know that very soon…good ole hockey will be near. I just wish I didn’t have to wait till Friday for the Devils to play Buffalo but with Center Ice….I think I will live somehow.

I am announcing a bit of a humble yet humorous contest. No I am not kidding here…my wife and I have a bit of a competition called the Wassel Cup. What is it exactly? Just a little good natured ribbing where the team who has the most points…gets their team hat to rest squarely above our flat screen monitor. Right now the Devils have 43 points and that is enough….to have a Devils hat proudly where I can see it. Better yet is that Brodeur is putting up better numbers than Giguere again because god only knows how ugly it was in 2003 when we were going back and forth over who should have won the Conn Smythe. That is a semi-contentious argument that still goes on to this very day.

Also, I had the pleasure of appearing on Hard Hits…my fine friend Derek’s podcast that spans not only the NHL but other sports as well, yesterday. It is always great to shoot off on hockey even on Christmas Eve and even if it is with a Rangers fan. Aren’t rivalries great? You better believe they are! I am waiting for some of my Philly friends to invite me on…now that’s when it will get really interesting. Get the fireworks ready for that one when it happens.

Finally, I wanted to thank Inside Hockey for all their commentary throughout the year and putting up with this obnoxious Devils fan. I hope they all had a Merry Christmas and look forward to their next newsletter and show. They are always entertaining and never dull. Well coming soon, will be The NHL Arena Program Year In Review…this will be something completely different and sure it won’t be the end all of reviews but you may just laugh a little amongst all the news and such. Have a good night…err morning!

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Simply I am a sports writer whose first loves will always be hockey and food. As we attempt to fix the site which has fallen into some disrepair (okay a lot), any and all help is always appreciated. For now, everything will channel through on a post by post basis. As always, let's have some fun!