Fantasy Hockey 101: These Three Turkeys…..

Well if you are like me, and are eagerly anticipating all the food and sports that Christmas has to offer…then you will forgive me if I feel a little generous this week. The turkeys are being defrosted and ready to go with a nice surprise at the end….and no it is not that cranberry apple […]

Sittin’ on the Throne with the Kings

After last season, with the debut of rookie star Anze Kopitar, and continued success of players like Michael Cammalleri and Rob Blake, the Los Angeles Kings thought the 2007-2008 season would bring a better fate to this team. But thirty-four games in and the Kings find themselves in the familiar and unwanted position of being […]

When Is 30 Not Enough??

I knew the suspension was coming down this morning…and yet I wasn’t surprised by what the league did. Thirty games for Chris Simon for not only slewfooting Jarkko Ruutu Saturday Night but then pulling his foot back to stomp on it after. The act was premeditated and that was bad enough. Add in the repeat […]

Battle of California Trilogy And Quick Hitters…

The Sharks and Ducks battle tonight for the 2nd time this week. The 3rd time will take place later in the week. I wanted to thank the Battle of California for their gameday. This is more than likely the game of the night. So if you are on the East Coast and up a little […]

Fantasy Hockey 101: Holiday Trade Freeze

The Holiday Trade Freeze will be upon us on Wednesday. So from the 19th till the 27th, those wonderful NHL GM’s won’t be able to trade a player that could be on your team. It is a time for fantasy managers to relax a bit. Now I know it doesn’t seem like it….but this is […]

Monday Ice Water Cooler….

Ah good old snow….just to show people it does snow here every so often.Thank you City Data. Well this would be the abbreviated edition of the Monday Ice Water Cooler. The Detroit Red Wings play the Washington Capitals in a few minutes. That and I have dinner that just finished in the oven. With a […]

Fishing On Long Island…..

Well it is indeed time…..for the Islanders to get their comeuppance. They have had a hard time this year no doubt about it. However, with Ted Nolan in command, this team does not quit ever. At 15-13-2, they are treading water in the tough Eastern Conference race. Goal scoring has always kind of been an […]

From The Archives…….

Good morning…well afternoon to most of you. There are times where we have to dig up some of the old blogs just for some memories or for the hell of it really. So every Monday, we will throw up one or two blogs that either didn’t quite make it to print but should or just […]

The Toughest Division…..And More.

Today we are going to do a bit of potpourri…but first up…a follow-up on our poll question last week. We asked the simplest question…what is the toughest division in the NHL? Well our loyal readers answered with a loud and raucous opinion that the Atlantic (52% of the vote) was the hardest division by far. […]

Simon Says…Suspension!!

Chris Simon is at it again. And he needs to be stopped. In last night’s game against the Pittsburgh Penguins, known agitator Jarkko Ruutu was mixing it up with another Islander player when he was tripped by Simon, and he fell to the ice against the boards. Lying in a prone position and unable to […]

A Glimmer of Hope…

Everyone knows that, right now, Boston is the greatest place on earth to be. With the undefeated Patriots, the almost perfect Celtics, the world champion Red Sox, and the very competitive Bruins, there’s no reason not to smile. However, there is a place that is the exact opposite of this utopia. Dystopia, thy name is […]

Breakfast and Hockey…

Something unique for the Devil fans out there…Merry Christmas from the Director of The NHL Arena Program….. The live cap….. FIRST PERIOD Highlights….. Devils dominated play for stretches….but Phoenix came out hitting. The Devils had a couple power plays and a few near misses. Brodeur was pretty solid in making 8 saves and Rod Pelley […]

Saddam Bettman’s “No Fly Zone”

Trapezoid hell is the real name for this four sided piece of territory behind the goal in ice hockey.  Instituted to limit the play of a goaltender leaving his crease to get the puck, it has become more of a forwards "no-fly-zone".  A goalie only has to step one or two paces to get behind […]

They’ll be okay. (I think…)

Okay, it’s pretty rough right now for the Canucks, at least when you look at the injury list. Adversity can be good, but maybe not this time. This will be a little bit of stating the obvious here, but I think it’s necessary in order to gain a little perspective. Remember that fateful game against […]

Christmas Wish List Part 1

Time to go under the Christmas Tree and see what Santa Chris thinks some hockey teams are wishing for this year. So with Santa Hat and a cider….might as well take a bit of a deeper look at what some teams are really praying hard for under the chimney in the hopes that Santa will […]