Monday Ice Water Cooler

Greetings from me, ye director from The NHL Arena Program. Normally we would have the Ice Water Cooler and all its glory along with Fantasy Hockey 101 today and a bunch of good stuff for Tuesday….but hey even we get the holiday off here. Don’t fret hockey fans, we will be coming back Wednesday morning harder than ever with the latest the NHL and more has to offer.

I did want to throw in a couple hockey items real fast. Congrats to Martin Brodeur who posted his 95th career regular season shutout against Calgary last night…that puts him in second place all by himself and only 8 shutouts away from Terry Sawchuk.

Also, a special kudos to the Ottawa Senators who found a way to scrape by the Rangers 3-1 yesterday. They played one hell of a road game despite what happened against Chicago on Saturday. Hell of a way to bounce back for a team that is definitely the class of the Eastern Conference at this time.

Finally, I am leaving everyone with one of the most revered images of the Christmas season…no place is without it and surely it feels warm just looking at it.


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