Pick The Winner (12/26)

Kevin and I work on a couple select games every so often on the NHL so you do not have to.  Here we go.  These are today’s best picks. =========================================== Anaheim Ducks @ San Jose Sharks – SHARKS TO WIN IN REGULATION (-138) (Note: I’m risking 1.38 units to win 1 unit) **I know some […]

Fantasy Hockey ONE (12/26)

  Good morning and welcome back to hockey ladies and gentlemen!  Since it is Boxing Day, we defer to Ian Gooding of Kuklas Korner for a nice Monday full of hockey games. Are you ready?  Here we go with the schedule first…. ============================================ SCHEDULE TIME: Monday, December 26, 2011 Teams Notes Colorado at Minnesota 6:00 […]

This Day In Hockey History (12/26)

We return with what could be described as a “Miracle After Christmas” comeback.  Welcome back hockey fans.  Today we span back to a moment that happened just 20 years ago.  It is not often that you see a team build a huge lead and lose but when it happens (especially this way), that is truly […]

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Merry Christmas from everyone here at The Program…..enjoy the holidays.  See you Monday for WJC and NHL on Boxing Day.  Now it is time for the Yule Log.     Now go open those gifts….

Fantasy Hockey ONE (12/23)

  Today is a bit different since on Thursday’s Fantasy Hockey ONE, we kind of previewed for both days.  At any rate, we have more to offer today on the column.  The toughest part of doing a column like this are the days that one just does not want to.  However, thanks to our many […]

This Day In Hockey History (12/23)

What if Barry Pederson had remained a Boston Bruin?  We may never know what would have happened but something tells me he would have had a far more productive career in Beantown.  These things just occur that way but thirty years ago today Pederson was surprising everyone as a rookie playing for the Bruins.  Here […]

Videos Before Bedtime (12/22)

As always we have the videos before bedtime and here we go….           Have a great night everyone! And maybe the Isles and Rangers will figure out how to spice up this rivalry, particularly the Islanders.

Pick The Winner (12/22)

Kevin gets us in the holiday betting spirit with this gem today.  Our picks tonight via Twitter as always… ======================================== Lets keep it going with another 1 unit play today betting against the Habs again… Montreal Canadiens @ Winnipeg Jets – JETS TO WIN (-125) (Note: I’m risking 1.25 units to win 1 unit) I […]

A Damned Classic: Trading In Fantasy Hockey

Brad strikes with this classic straight from Canada to you….Happy Holidays! ============================================ I play fantasy hockey for many reasons. I play because it’s often against my friends and it’s a large social block in my life. I play because I think fantasy hockey makes watching NHL games better then it already is because my fantasy […]

Fantasy Hockey ONE (12/22)

As we get ready for the holidays here on The Program, we thank Ian Gooding for his tireless work.  Here is his latest for Thursday and Friday in your fantasy leagues….enjoy! =========================================== SCHEDULE TIME: Thursday, December 22, 2011 Teams Notes Buffalo at Toronto 7:00 PM | Gameday NY Islanders at NY Rangers 7:00 PM | […]

This Day In Hockey History (12/22)

These are the days of rarity where the odd and sublime happens on This Day.  Sure enough, we really do have a moment that does not happen everyday.  Leave it to us to really find a gem that probably time had forgotten.  So this one happened 18 years ago and surprisingly was not from a […]

Fantasy Hockey ONE (12/21)

    Sometimes in fantasy hockey, it is better to be lucky than good.  Jason Labarbera was a little bit of both last night in their win over the Florida Panthers.  The funny thing is he was not even our Fantasy POTN.  Who was it?  Well let’s find out….. ============================================ FANTASY POTN: Marian Gaborik, RW, […]

This Day In Hockey History (12/21)

Better late than never, we give you This Day In Hockey History on Hump Day err night!  Now this comes from a man who truly earned the nickname “Terrible Ted”.  After all, the guy was truly an intimidating site on the ice for years.  Today’s moment happened 59 years ago on this day and as […]