Pick The Winner (12/26)

Kevin and I work on a couple select games every so often on the NHL so you do not have to.  Here we go.  These are today’s best picks.


Anaheim Ducks @ San Jose Sharks – SHARKS TO WIN IN REGULATION (-138)

(Note: I’m risking 1.38 units to win 1 unit)

**I know some people will ask what this means (this is my fourth regulation play this season). Depending which sportsbook you use it will either be listed as “(1st 60 minutes)” or “NHL Regulation Time”. 5Dimes has it listed with the other selections (no reduced juice), Pinnacle you have to choose regulation time in the NHL menu, and SportsInteraction you have to click “more betting” on the game and you’ll see regulation time.**

Detroit Red Wings @ Nashville Predators – PREDATORS TO WIN (+128)

(Note: I’m risking 1 unit to win 1.28 units)

New Jersey Devils @ Carolina Hurricanes – DEVILS TO WIN (-113)

(Note: I’m risking 1.13 units to win 1 unit)


Good luck everyone and oh for the WJC today we pick the following…..

  • Canada
  • Sweden
  • USA
  • Russia

Really none of these should be a surprise at all.

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