Fantasy Hockey ONE (12/23)


Today is a bit different since on Thursday’s Fantasy Hockey ONE, we kind of previewed for both days.  At any rate, we have more to offer today on the column.  The toughest part of doing a column like this are the days that one just does not want to.  However, thanks to our many readers, we always find a way to trudge on.  It is to everyone that makes this possible that I humbly wish a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to.  Thanks so much!

It is a bit of a no frills edition today.  No, there is not the usual video on top but hey we may toss in some links too.  At any rate, something tells me we need to get down to business here.  Let’s do that and no we were kidding about no video.



Jeff Carter, C, Columbus Blue Jackets — It was advantageous to have Carter in your fantasy leagues as he netted a hat trick in the first period tonight against Nashville.  Sure Columbus blew a 4-1 lead in a pretty ugly way tonight but that part does not matter to fantasy owners who were happy to see Carter have a monster night.  Hat tricks count for quite a bit and yes the four shots on goal and -1 were not so good.  That is true but the three goals was huge with the short week.  That cannot be underestimated.

Honorable Mention — Ondrej Pavelec (WPG) 27 sv shutout



Cole-Desharnais-Pacioretty (MTL) — Blake Wheeler called and remembered his Boston days when tormenting this Montreal trio evidently.  However, Erik Cole, David Desharnais, and Max Pacioretty woke up this morning with a wicked Winnipeg hangover after going a combined -9 with zero points in the 4-0 loss to a team they beat 5-1 in the same place opening night.  Adding some insult was the fact that Cole had ZERO shots on net tonight.  There is that old adage where “if you do not shoot, you can not score”.  That applies here.  The trio had five shots on net and just one scoring chance.  It really has become ugly in Montreal and unfortunately tonight even these three were swallowed up.



Friday, December 23, 2011

Teams Notes
Florida at Boston 7:00 PM
Washington at New Jersey 7:00 PM
Toronto at NY Islanders 7:00 PM
Philadelphia at NY Rangers 7:00 PM
Ottawa at Carolina 7:00 PM
Pittsburgh at Winnipeg 8:30 PM
Nashville at Dallas 8:30 PM
Tampa Bay at Colorado 9:00 PM
St. Louis at Phoenix 9:00 PM
Calgary at Vancouver 10:00 PM
Los Angeles at San Jose 10:30 PM

There are 11 games on the docket tonight and then the Christmas Break is upon us.  Your fantasy week ends tonight as well.  Reality dictates this is a go for broke type of night and really it is.  The key tonight is to really look at what is going to serve you well.  Remember certain numbers are amplified because of the five day week (especially goalie numbers and ATOI). 

Indeed there is a propensity for some high scoring matchups as always but some may not be what you expect.  Though Ottawa and Carolina seems your safest bet for a high scoring affair because the goaltending is just not good enough honestly.  Cam Ward and likely Alex Auld (unless Craig Anderson plays) just does not instill fear into a scorer’s heart, does it?  We did not think so at all.

Tampa Bay and Colorado may be another one of those matchups.  If you own guys like Martin St. Louis and Steven Stamkos, it may be happy time in Colorado Friday Night.  Yes Colorado is going to score but more than likely so is Tampa.  Honestly, Tampa cannot stop anyone and neither can Colorado.  Sure stranger things have happened but teams are going to be a little more loose than usual knowing that Christmas is only two days away.

The key is to monitor injury news and waiver wires early in the day if you want to sneak up and surprise an opponent because tonight is the night with a short week.  Really there is not much more to say.


Good luck tonight everyone and we will be tweeting as always.  Bring the fantasy pain as always!

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