Calgary Flames Development Camp Day 3!

Calgary Flames Development Camp

Justin Beatty makes his debut with some impressions from Calgary's development camp.

Day 3:

After showing up at Win sport arena at 9:55 am to a packed house I come out of the scrimmage with more notes about players that I didn’t see on Thursday.


Corbin Knight:

More I watch him the more I like him good on face-offs which Group A dominated the faceoff circle, Great at supporting the defensive zone.


Sean Monahan:

Finally got to watch Sean play today and I liked what I saw. Not a flashy guy but gets the job done. He and Knight dominated the faceoffs in the game. Had a nice goal and played well both sides of the ice.

Johnny Gaudreau:

What more can you say about Johnny hes pure skill and speed. Best noted as a player who will get fans out of there seats. Great talent, with a ton of speed, hands and shot that he’s becoming a fan favourite. I still have no doubt that he’ll be a NHL player. Another quick note he was matched up against Kanzig the big 6’7” defensemen and he didn’t look out of place and was up to the challenge. Johnny has gotten a bit taller and bigger which is a great thing.


Ben Hanowski:

Ben’s skating has got a lot better then when I first watched him in a Calgary Flames regular season game. Lost a few pounds and looked poised with the puck.


Ryan Howse:

Disappointed in his two pro-seasons in the AHL. Had a conditioning problem when he first came to abby. At scrimmage he had a nice toe drag deke and looked pretty good today but im still iffy on him I liked him but he needs to up his game to be a better player. Only 6 goals in 59 game in abby.


Trey Lewis:

Most impressed defensemen out of the invitees. Has been solid all camp long I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets signed and plays in abby. Also has some flow with his solid play.


Pavlo Padakin:

I liked him day one but at the scrimmage didn’t really notice him that much but I still think he might be a good signing or at least a longer look at him. Had a solid year with the hitmen.


Reto Berra:

Had some solid saves hes still adjusting to the smaller ice which is why I believe the short side sneak in goal went in but I saw some good stuff from him very calm in net.

Pat Sieloff:

Most solid defenseman at todays scrimmage. Made some big plays in the d-zone. And was bruising bodies wherever he could. Really liked him play today.

Markus Granlund:

Sven really liked Granlund as his center today had some chemistry. Markus was on fire today. Great play today really thought he had a great camp he was flying under the radar no one was really talking about him. I liked what I saw today. Wasn’t on my list of notables for camp.

Turner Elson:

Solid game today was hitting guys, was making plays , was grinding out on the boards and doing what he had to. Haven’t watched him in Red Deer much but heard lots of good things. Kid play’s with a ton of heart.


Keegan Kanzig:

The big d-man was acting like a offensive d-man but he creates some rushes out of nowhere and he was solid.


Mark Jankowski:

Turning into a solid prospect with still a ton of years to go. But his reach is amazing for a center with his nice 6’3” frame. Still a raw talent who needs more years to see what he’s really got to offer.


Laurent Brossoit:

Ton of nice saves, played solid was the best goalie at todays game.


Group B won 4-1 at today’s scrimmage. It was fun to watch and I enjoy watching more on a lot of these players/

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Justin Beatty (@Justinbeatty777)


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