This Would Have Been…..

  So the 2012-13 NHL season would have gotten underway tonight as the Boston Bruins and Philadelphia Flyers would have faced off on a Comcast family network. Think about that for a second. Whether anyone actually has the cajones to admit it or not, one of the main reasons why there is no NHL hockey is […]

Videos Before Hockey Bedtime!

It is time to say goodnight with the VBB as hockey moves on even without the NHL! Here are a few videos….           So we have an Ilya Kovalchuk special, a little Mr. Walsh hat trickery, and a knockout quite literallly! Have a great night!

Kovalchuk’s hat trick leads SKA to victory

SKA St. Petersburg faced off against CSKA Moscow in a important Kontinental Hockey League match for National Hockey League fans. SKA had NHL players like New Jersey Devils’ Ilya Kovalchuk, St. Louis Blues’ Vladimir Tarasenko and Phoenix Coyotes’ Viktor Tikhonov. Detroit Red Wings’ Pavel Datsyuk, Philadelphia Flyers’ goalie Ilya Bryzgalov, Nashville Predators’ Alexander Radulov and […]

Hello Fantasy KHL?

Here are the simple proposed scoring categories for our new Fantasy KHL……. SCORING CATEGORIES: Goals and assists are worth one point each. Special teams (PP or SH) are one point each. Game winning goals (not shootout) are a point. Hat Tricks are worth three points. Wins are one point each for goalies. Losses will cost […]

KHL Video Time!

Its been awhile but hey we have some KHL videos ladies and gentlemen. Let’s get down to business before it is too late.           Hey at least it is some sort of hockey videos. As always, there will be more to come.

The Hockey Writers Keeper League Draft Results

Lead editor and director of The Hockey Program, Chris Wassel hosted a fantasy hockey league draft Sunday, September 23 with fifteen others–including myself–for “The Hockey Writers Keeper League”. Here are the draft results and see for yourself, who has the best fantasy hockey team in the league. Round: 1(1) Portland Phinkelstein – Evgeni Malkin C(2) […]

NHL players head overseas

With the National Hockey League in another lockout, players around the league are trying to stay loose and play hockey. Whether it is staying in town and playing pick-up games with other professionals, heading to the minors like the American Hockey League or going overseas to play hockey. Many have decided to head overseas and […]

The State Of Fantasy Hockey ONE!

Dear Fantasy Hockey Fans: This is an open letter for you quite simply. It has been a very tough summer and with the advent of the NHL Lockout, the nightmare has only worsened. Preseason games are being axed with reckless abandon and soon, regular season games could meet the same fate putting many fantasy hockey […]

Mailbag: Any chance of the lockout being cancelled?

The Hockey Program mailbag session continues with another question sent by Captain Spaulding (@midtnweather) via Twitter.  Spaulding asks, “Is there any chance of a lockout being cancelled?”.Gary Bettman, Commissioner of the National Hockey League. Yes there is a chance that the NHL lockout can be lifted. Right now, the current Collective Bargaining Agreement is set […]

Always Remember, Never Forget!

  The first and only thing that can be asked is to always remember and never forget. September 11th, 2001 will be forever etched into our memories like the day JFK was killed or when the Challenger exploded. Anyone that was alive pretty much remember where they were and what they were doing. There was […]

Videos Before Bedtime: Doan at last?

Its time for a Shane Doan edition of the Videos Before Bedtime. Informally, we talked about it and it seemed like a great idea. Doan has agreed to a deal pending Greg Jamison finally getting the keys to the castle so to speak.           Have a great night everyone!

Fantasy Hockey Preview: Wings

No, this post isn’t talking about right wing or left wing politics during the 2012 Presidential Election season. But rather this post is focusing on the right and left wingers in the NHL for fantasy hockey. The ‘Fantasy Hockey Previews’ of the goalies, defensemen and centers have already been written and posted so check those […]

Fantasy Hockey Preview: Centers

The fantasy previews continue with centers. In this post, centers will be evaluated of their past performance and their rankings. Goalies and defensemen previews have already be posted, so check them out today. Evgeni “Geno” Malkin pops the puck in the air during the 2009 NHL All-Star Game Elimination Shootout. The top three centers in […]

Fantasy Hockey Preview: Defensemen

In most fantasy hockey leagues, a team has to dress five defensemen for their lineup. Of course, there aren’t too many defensemen out there that can be labeled as “great” in order to fill up even two spots.  To continue to ‘Fantasy Hockey Preview’ posts, it now moves on to defenseman. Read the goalie preview […]