Always Remember, Never Forget!


The first and only thing that can be asked is to always remember and never forget. September 11th, 2001 will be forever etched into our memories like the day JFK was killed or when the Challenger exploded. Anyone that was alive pretty much remember where they were and what they were doing. There was so much more lost than even the thousands of lives lost that day. Not only were families foever broken but a nation, at least for a little while, was definitely rattled. It was not an easy time at all.

The coming days brought however, a resolve. It was a resolve and unity that had not been seen in some time. Though it would not bring back what was lost or the people that would eventually pass away, it did help at least a little. The world changed that day and it changed forever. The hockey world lost Ace Bailey, who was one hell of a bright mind on and off the ice. It just went to show how no matter if it was life or sport, things changed permanently.

Inevitably tomorrow is going to be a very somber day on this 11th anniversary, as it should always be but in some way, there is always a hope. That hope lies in the fact that a resolve burns bright in all of us. Just imagine f that resolve spilled over into more “trivial matters’ like say the CBA. In some ways, maybe September 11th is a perfect time to show these millionaires and billionaires what really matters and that is life.

In the end, it probably will not make much of a diference as the battle lines are drawn and the posturing just seems to indicate the lockout is near. At the very least, maybe hockey fans see something good come out of this week even if its not in time to save the start of the season. If this country can come back from one of its most horrific moments, then the NHL and NHLPA surely at least can start talking again. After all, life and death is so much more final than livelihood when one really thinks about it. Maybe it is asking too much and but more than likely it probably is. Hey it is worth a shot.



Chris Wassel

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