Fantasy F U Player Of The Night

There is that kid again flipping the bird which means time for the F-U Fantasy POTN (File Photo)

There is that kid again flipping the bird which means time for the F-U Fantasy POTN (File Photo)

Holy crap! We are back at last! Sorry for the delay but hey upgrades are upgrades and a special thanks to Bloguin and all of the people that work there for doing an unbelievable job on the site and overall platform improvements. It is greatly appreciated.

In case you haven’t noticed, our littlest Toronto fan is back which means only one thing. It is time for the “F U” or the “You F***ed Up Award”. Either way this is the one player that probably screwed up your fantasy hockey night the most. There may be some debate but hey, controversy like this is fun.

Fantasy F-U (4/2)

This was a tough call but as we went strolling through the stat lines, it just became clear that Jeff Petry was going to be our choice. Why? He was on the ice for every single Anaheim goal as the Edmonton Oilers blew a two goal lead in the third period of a 3-2 loss.

On a light night like Wednesday was, candidates were few and far between. Sure Zdeno Chara might have been funny but one play was not going to define his night or maybe it did. Either way, the “F-U’ focuses on the player or players that help wreck a night. Occasionally there will be pictures and even videos of the fantasy agony that player provides. These posts will be done usually on the higher volume fantasy nights and then maybe some new wrinkles as well.

Please bear with us a bit as I get used to the new platform. There is a little bit to learn so if something appears screwed up then let us know. Thanks for reading and it is nice to be back!


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