Bet On It: Hawks-Kings Game 6

Tomorrow night’s Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals features a clash between the Chicago Blackhawks and Los Angeles Kings. Chicago narrowly staved off elimination when Michael Handzus scored in the second overtime Wednesday night. The beauty in a series like this is the simple fact that one goal could change things…..or not.

Los Angeles has shown the ability to play any game and any style when it comes to an opponent. That should scare the living daylights out of Chicago. The Kings are the more physical team and the team that can wear down the opposition better than anyone left in the playoffs. Their possession numbers have been off the charts this postseason and this edition of the Kings can score goals and in bunches.

What might Game 6 bring?

So Los Angeles is not a very strong favorite on Friday at a -127 currently. That could change but it just indicates the respect for the Chicago Blackhawks. At this stage, Sportsbooks has a few other bets in the mix as well. They also offer other sites that have different props and more.

Just the mere fact that the Kings are not a strong buy will cause apprehension among bettors. That is just the nature of the beast. Los Angeles has the better special teams and penalty killing units in this series along with superior 5 on 5 numbers. Everything points out to a Los Angeles win. Does Chicago even have a chance at all?

That answer is yes. However, they have to get Los Angeles to play out of their comfort zones. The Kings are one of the few teams that just keep playing their style no matter what it seems. Every so often, they just get slightly knocked off their game but hardly ever fully.

Based on projections and maybe playing a little NHL14, we have the Kings winning 4-2 tomorrow so it looks like both the New York Rangers and Los Angeles Kings will have some rest before facing each other next Wednesday. At least that appears what will be the scenario that plays out. Stay tuned and hey I will bet on it!

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