The F**K You Fantasy POTN (3/21)

Oh that kid of terror……….

OUCH! Now that is one mad kid. Seriously, tonight was a tough night with the Alex Edler-Mike Smith hit them skirmish. Where could we go with that? Truthfully we were just neutral on it to just let it go for now at least. The problem was neither player really adversely effected the outcome. It seemed like Vancouver was likely going to win a very close game either way, whether it be in regulation, overtime, or the shootout. There was a botom line and it had to be taken. It has to be asked then if not, that incident, then what the hell are we going to select. Don't worry, an answer had been easily chosen.


Supreme F**KUP — Kevin Poulin — New York Islanders

If you want to see a game go up in smoke fast, just ask Kevin Poulin what happened last night because the Isles were tied at 2. The place was hopping. Then Poulin gave up his third goal of the night to Brian Gionta, which seemed innocent enough. However in the middle of the third period, he gave up two goals in 33 seconds during the ultimate 5-2 defeat. Truthfully, the goalie still has much to learn but his third period stinker left a lot of people with a very sour taste. When the last nine minutes of a game feels like more of "oh god don't let this become 6-2 o worse, that is the deathnail for a goalie. Something tells me Poulin may just be Bridgeport bound eventually because most of the night (even despite 5 GA). he just looked very off. Needless to say, there may be another goalie up in short order if this strange malaise continues.


Have a great night everyone! TGIF and we are out of here!

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