The F**K You Fantasy POTN (3/20)

Jimmy Howard wanted to flip the bird there!

(Thanks to the AP / Duane Burleson for the photo….)

Oh god, we are at it again! It was a strange fantasy night and a ton of craziness ensued. There were no goals that might have been goals, goals that should not have been, and zany comebacks that never should happen. These are the players and/or teams that made us want to go ah F**K YOU! Are you ready? Let's go!


Top F**KUP:  Jimmy Howard — G — Detroit Red Wings

Its not like Howard was bad but four goals on less than 20 shots is not good no matter the circumstance. Howard just has not been the same goalie since he was on a 50 win pace last year. Whether its injuries or inconsistent play, the Detroit netminder just has a few too many of these clunkers for my fantasy liking. Please understand that in fantasy whether its a soft goal or not, giving goals is giving up goals. Maybe he will get them next time but Howard just flipped the bird to us fantasy owners so we give it back!


2nd F**KUP:  Patrick Kane — W,C — Chicago Blackhawks

Dallas blowing a two goal lead was almost enough but Edmonton did it too. Patrick Kane threw up a true brick (not like Danny Heatley). Yes he played 25:21 tonight and had an assist but Kane made some awful turnovers on his way to a -4, yes a -4!  Anaheim won 4-2 by the way so you can figure out Kane's assist was on the power play. The +/- kills people in too many leagues and just ticked us off. Add in this shenanigans with Saku Koivu and other Ducks players and the F U goes to Kane here.


That is all for now….go watched Crashed Ice on NBCSN. Good night and flip the bird to these fantasy duds!

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