The F**K You Fantasy POTN (3/12)

You know you want to just give some of your worst players the bird so we do it for you!

It is great to talk about the great fantasy hockey players of the night but no one talks about the ones that absolutely kill your fantasy team. This kid has the right message!


Here we are. The F**K YOU Fantasy POTN is going to be a bit of a regular column here on The Hockey Program. It will be fun and hey you get a chance to revel in our misery. That is always fun, isn't it? It will be kept brief to protect the innocent. Now thanks to Rachel Cena and myself here are our middle fingers out for the following two players.


F**K You POTN #1:

Kari Lehtonen — G — Dallas Stars 

But it was the safer start of the two between him and Pekka Rinne. I swear! Lehtonen at home versus Rinne on the road. Dallas was scoring goals at a pretty good clip and then this game happened. Dallas outshot Nashville 32-21 but Nashville pounded home four goals on Kari Lehtonen. That generally is never a good thing and Rinne got his fifth shutout of the season (no other goalie has three). Sometimes the unexpected result just makes you stick out that middle finger proud and high!

F**K You POTN #2:

Jonathan Quick — G — Los Angeles Kings

And here we go…… Hey Quick looked really good stopping 23 of 24 shots against the Calgary Flames. Then they made the short ride to Phoenix and it went all south in an ugly 5-2 loss. The Coyotes kept scoring and scoring to the tune of five goals on 29 shots. That is generally a bad save percentage of .827 which is similar to some of the clunkers that Quick is still putting up far too often this year. This was the first back end of a B2B that Quick played in and it showed. He looked slower and yet so many probably still started him. Someday he'll keep that save percentage above .900…..someday!

If you have some candidates….send them to us @ChrisWasselTHW on Twitter….we will consider them and thanks for reading!

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