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There are times where we just have a little fun here. Thanks to our many friends and sponsors for a nice 2012 despite the NHL Lockout. With the 2013 IIHF U-20 World Championships coming up, it has been nice to talk about some hockey that has that tournament feel. When there is all the pressure in the world, it adds a little to the table. During this tournament, we will have a mini daily Pick The Winner where we take a few of the notable games and throw our opinion out there as who will win. 

On The Hockey Writers, we will even go a step further and unveil a not so mystery guest picker and their musings on why they make their picks. It is going to be a fun tournament during the holiday season and most importantly, we will all get to talk some hockey for a chance instead of the same old lockout jibber jabber. Our early favorite is actually Russia but as we all know Finland and Sweden can be very intriguing. As the pre-tourney scrimmages taught us, these two teams have a lot of fight in them as Canada and the USA found out in the hardest of ways.

Again from all of us here at The Program and also our friends from The Hockey Writers and GetRealOdds too, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Let’s get to those picks and bring home the bacon!


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Simply I am a sports writer whose first loves will always be hockey and food. As we attempt to fix the site which has fallen into some disrepair (okay a lot), any and all help is always appreciated. For now, everything will channel through on a post by post basis. As always, let's have some fun!