The Mixed Bag: WCF And The Memorial Cup!



Crunch time comes down to who finishes. The Los Angeles Kings have been tied going into a third period four times and four times they have come out with a win in these playoffs. The biggest sensation for the Kings is not Jonathan Quick, Dustin Brown, or Anze Kopitar. However, it is our Fantasy POTN. It is time for the reveal.



Dwight King, F, Los Angeles Kings

This young “King Of Kings” has five goals on the playoffs and it just seems like every one of them feels like a game winner for Los Angeles. Last night’s tally was and pretty well clinched the series and the Western Conference Championship. Just when you think King is done, he comes up clutch again and as the series gets lower and lower scoring, goals are just valued even more. Its not that Jonathan Quick played poorly last night, it was just not quite Fantasy POTN worthy.



Simply we are going to defer to some of “The Hockey Writers” Memorial Cup Preview via this nice shiny link and then show a few videos from last year’s Memorial Cup. Please enjoy and yes the games are on NHL Network tonight.




TGIF! Now get out there and get some work done so you can watch hockey tonight!

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