Fantasy Hockey Playoff One (Cinco De Mayo)


Good almost afternoon! It is time to get our party on with a quick edition of the Fantasy Hockey Playoff ONE.  Last night, there was only one game on the docket but what a low scoring game it was as the Phoenix Coyotes defeated the Nashville Predators 1-0.  Sure there was a disallowed goal and a little controversy, but Nashville may or may not have brought that upon themselves.  Scoring chances were nice but the bottom line is goals and Pekka Rinne gave up one but our Fantasy POTN gave up zero.

I think we may all know the answer to this one so let us quickly get down to business here.



Mike Smith, G, Phoenix Coyotes

There is not much more said to be here but the fact that the Phoenix Coyotes are up three games to one in this series against Nashville.  Not many expected this but this is where we are at this juncture.  Mr. Smith made 25 saves and for the most part has adapted better in this series than Rinne.  He also handled the puck better in Game 4 with less glaring mistakes than in Game 3.  The key in all of this is what may happen next but for now, what people need to know is Smith has been better in Rinne in this series and next to Jonathan Quick, he has been the best goalie in the West and maybe the entire playoffs. 



Saturday, May 5, 2012

Teams Notes
NY Rangers at Washington 12:30 PM | Gameday

There is just one game on the schedule and we have to make this quick.  Someone thought it would be funny to put this game before the horse race and not after but I digress.  The last time out these teams battled after Midnight when Marian Gaborik scored late in the third overtime for a 2-1 win and a 2-1 series lead for the Rangers.  Will it happen again?   NBC certainly hopes not.



The two goalies:

After playing a triple OT game, it will be interesting to see which goalie is less shaky in the early going.  Will Henrik Lundqvist outduel Braden Holtby again?  The answer to us seems a likely yes but you never know in this game.  Lundqvist made 45 saves in the marathon and Holtby made 47.  However, both goalies dodged bullets before Marian Gaborik finally converted on a scoring chance for only his second goal of the postseason.  Both goalies have to be on their game and it just seems with the extra rest that we could be in for another low scoring game.  In those situations, Lundqvist is the guy that is more likely to win.

Alex Ovechkin and Marian Gaborik:

It was a contrast in converting chances.  Gaborik finally converted but Ovechkin missed on several chances including a clank of the post in the extra sessions.  These two seem to be the key in one way or the other as Gaborik may finally get going and Ovechkin has to be a catalyst for Washington.  This is going to be interesting to say the least but we have a feeling a twist is coming.  Call us crazy but something just seems fishy with this game.



1. Henrik Lundqvist

2. Braden Holtby

3. Brian Boyle


Prediction:  Rangers win 2-1 in OT.  Good luck everyone and thanks for reading.

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