Fantasy Hockey Playoff ONE (5/17)



This is not the reason why the Rangers lost last night. There is just no way to describe how Marian Gaborik just brain cramped late in the second and early in the third period but he certainly did pay for it as his production has been silent in the first two games. It seemed as if the Devils fourth line was outplaying the Rangers’ first line last night. The only thing that saved the Rangers from a worse defeat was two power play goals off fortuitous bounces. That is really good for fantasy pools but not for fans of the team.

The broken door will be talked about until Hell freezes over and the debate on whether it cost New Jersey. That answer is likely and it will be left at that. It was a game full of weird moments but also one that featured incredible saves. The difficulty was coming up with a Fantasy POTN but we think we got one.



Martin Brodeur, G, New Jersey Devils

Both goalies got a bit lucky or this game could have been even higher scoring. However, Brodeur made 23 saves in a game where timely saves were key. He made this ridiculously sick save I know. The 40 year old, despite everything was the best player on the ice on a night where there were more balanced and maligned efforts. An extra day of rest should help Brodeur honestly and hopefully he is watchful of the boards. That will have to be monitored but without the red #30, New Jersey does not win last night.



Thursday, May 17, 2012

Teams Notes
Phoenix at Los Angeles 9:00 PM | Gameday

This is the series for Phoenix. If they do not find a way to win tonight and change the script, then they are just flat out done. Los Angeles has imposed its will in the first two games, with 40+ shots in both games. Its not the amount of hits but the relentless forecheck has been stifling to Phoenix’s offense. When the offense has broken out, Jonathan Quick has been solid in net. Jeff Carter did have a hat trick in Game 2 and that Carter-Richards combo will be important going forward as depth scoring is something that cannot hurt. It is now time for the NHL 12 simulation for tonight. So far, we are 2-2 in the Conference Finals.


NHL 12 Simulation — Game 3 — Kings Vs. Coyotes

The Sims are back sort of....

It comes down to a more critical Game 3 than Phoenix could have imagined at the start of this. Phoenix again has to keep the intensity err start the game with an urgency that was not there at in Game 1 or Game 2 at the beginning. There will be no Martin Hanzal (suspension) and Shane Doan knows he is on notice as well. They may play a bit more tentative which plays into LA’s hands even more. Let’s see what happens

Kings @ Coyotes Game 2
1st Period
LAK — Anze Kopitar (14:55, Voynov and Brown)
2nd Period
PHX — Shane Doan (12:05, Whitney)
LAK — Dwight King (15:12, Doughty)
3rd Period
LAK — Dustin Brown (12:33, Kopitar and Williams)

Team Stats:
LA- 34 PHX- 25
Power Plays
PHX- 0/3, LA- 0/4

Final: Kings 3 Coyotes 1
3 Stars:
1. Dustin Brown 2. Anze Kopitar 3. Jonathan Quick

The game is just hours away and if it approaches anything like the sims, it will be an awfully good one. We literally had the seven sims go in all different directions and there was no real consensus. The final sim literally after the first six were split was this one and its what we ultimately went with. Will there be a few surprises? That is a possibility so thanks again for reading and there will be live tweeting throughout the night….along with IIHF updates.

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Fantasy Hockey Playoff ONE (5/17)

Kaberle Milk Carton

(Photo Credit:  George Brew of What’s Brewin)

There are few people that often go where we do with fantasy hockey commentary and hockey in general.  However, if you own Kaberle in a playoff pool, what was the one thing you were at least hoping for?  Power play assists.  Have you seen them?  In a word, no.  Kaberle so far in 12 games has a paltry three assists and none of them are on the man advantage.  Are you looking for shots on goal?  Really do not bother as he has 16 SOG in 12 playoff games (1.33 per).  The funniest stat (well maybe not) is that Tomas Kaberle has not hit anyone in the playoffs on an opposing team. He does collide into his own players and occasionally Tim Thomas.

Needless to say, we point this out on the Fantasy Hockey Playoff ONE for a reason.  So many thought this was the answer for Boston and yet the real answer is likely the one that was right under their noses in Tyler Seguin.  Seguin had two points in Game 1 in his first action of the playoffs.  The question has to be asked, “what the heck took Claude Julien so long?”  But we will never get a straight answer for that.  Fantasy poolies who had the option to stash Seguin on their bench were greatly rewarded while those who own Kaberle are still waiting.  Hey Tomas Kaberle does have a +6 on the bright side.

As we do finally get back into some hockey action after a day off, we point out the Calder Cup Conf. Finals have two games going on tonight as well besides the Boston and Tampa Bay tilt. Some potential future fantasy NHL stalwarts are playing and at the very least is something a poolie or playoff poolie should keep an eye on.  However guys like Ryan Potulny (BNG) and Nigel Dawes (HML) are a not so much.  They have been pretty well deemed tweeners to a point by most in the NHL.

However if you go on the AHL site tonight, you can watch the game for free.  Here is the link. Take a second and third look tonight because one will definitely see a few of these guys tearing it up on an NHL roster in a couple year’s time, maybe sooner.  As we slowly dive into prospect leagues, just bear with us.  Yes we heavily focus on the NHL but these players do come from somewhere.

Heading back to tonight’s game, we can sum up Game 1 for Boston very quickly.  “Gone In 85 Seconds”.  Literally it was that simple.  Yes even in the first game, Tomas Kaberle made a key gaffe which led to the third goal in that 85 second span.  Game 1 was also the first time in 25 years that back to back unassisted goals were scored in the playoffs.  There were several rare things that happened that derailed Boston.

Tim Thomas was also way too agressive in Game 1 in the first period.  He did seem to play better as the game went on for the most part.  If he looks across to Dwayne Roloson, he will likely see how to play in games like this.  Roloson just embodies calm even when it does not always look it. That is something Thomas has to display tonight otherwise Boston could really be in a deep hole.


TUESDAY, MAY 17, 2011

Teams Notes
Tampa Bay at Boston 8:00 PM | Gameday 


Well simply Boston has to find the effort tonight and has to play it sixty minutes or awfully close. Any lapse can result in Tampa pouncing like the Bolts did in Game 1 much to their credit.  Also what Tampa did to Boston’s first line was noteworthy.  They used their speed to neutralize Boston’s physicality.  Most times it does not work in the playoffs.  Tenacity usually wins out but sometimes pests have a way of agitating the more physical team and take them out of a games and series. It will be interesting tonight to see what the Horton-Krejci-Lucic trio does in response.

Now it is time on that note to get down to the KEYS OF THE GAME.



  1. Boston first line must dominate early.
  2. Bruins Power Play has to convert.
  3. Traffic in front of Roloson a priority. 


  1. Get Stamkos and Lecavalier involved early.
  2. Clear goal area for Roloson
  3. Safe is death.

It almost really is that simple.  Boston has to get going on the man advantage in this series.  Their four attempts did not really yield much in Game 1 and did not really foster much approach as we head into Game 2.  They have to get traffic in front of the net as the puck is coming in.  It sounds so easy and yet can be so difficult.  Washington did not do it enough against Tampa and got killed for it and Boston did in Game 1 as well.  When the score slipped away, so did Boston’s game so it is pretty easy also that Boston has to keep it close to tire out Tampa later in the game.

For Tampa, Steven Stamkos has to get involved.  He vanished in Game 1, had no shots on goal and really was taken out of his game completely.  Vincent Lecavalier was also a kind of non-factor as well.  The Bolts will need scoring from these guys at some point as the secondary and tertiary scoring cannot do the major damage all series long.  Brett Clark and Simon Gagne are not going to light the lamp consistently in this series.  Getting the two mentioned above involved also helps Marty St. Louis who is just a dynamo.

Expect Boston to come out all guns ablazing again.  Will it be different?  There will be no true official looking projections but this is what we came up based on FIVE NHL11 simulations.

Boston’s first line will make a presence tonight just enough and expect a surprise out of Boston as the Bruins find a way to win this won in overtime 3-2 on a Zdeno Chara blast from the point. Dwayne Roloson will make 35 saves for Tampa while Tim Thomas makes 33 for Boston.  It will be tighter on both sides as can be expected.  It will be more physical and Nathan Horton may just hear a goal tonight along with Steven Stamkos.  It is sure to be an interesting night up in Boston and do follow all of our Boston friends on Twitter.  Especially follow our good buddy @rosieshockey.  Good luck fantasy poolies tonight and you will just have to find out who our Fantasy POTN is.  Let’s see if the prediction holds true like in Game 1.


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Simply I am a hockey writer who is a jack of all trades. Whether it is draft, fantasy, NHL, KHL, AHL, etc...I probably can write about it. The challenge in hockey is to be able to step out of your comfort zone and write like you are still there. Hopefully you enjoy the humor in the writing on the site and tell your friends. Thanks for reading!