Fantasy Hockey ONE is moving…..


Sadly Doc Emrick said it best. The Fantasy Hockey ONE and its run on The Program has come to an end. Yes there will be other fantasy hockey content on the site and updates but the daily column itself will be moving over to The Hockey Writers in the near future. So what the heck is going to take its place? Simply we will be again mixing a little betting proposition hear to set up what will become on November 1st.

It has been quite the fun run with the column on here and the Fantasy Hockey ONE definitely created its share of controversy with some of our opinions and predicitions. There were a lot of things that we nailed and some that we went way off the reservation. However, in the end it was always a blast to debate fantasy hockey with the best of the best and most importantly the readers. It is something I will always enjoy but now we are taking the show up a notch for the reader and I cannot wait to see what happens next.

Hopefully there is an NHL season but in the event that there is not, there will still be enough fantasy news and notes on here along with some betting lines for our hockey predictions. Predict The Winner will be making a comeback with a few twists along the way. Yes the NHL season may be in some jeopardy but our goal is to not make you forget about it but let the fans know that yes, there are some alternatives to make the hockey world a little better place.

The goal is to always evolve and work to create something that the readers will enjoy and with the mess in the NHL. So we are going to have a little fun with the KHL, AHL, OHL, and more. In the meantime, there will be videos, some good content, and a propensity for cider. Happy trails for now.


Chris Wassel

Director Of The Program 

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Simply I am a sports writer whose first loves will always be hockey and food. As we attempt to fix the site which has fallen into some disrepair (okay a lot), any and all help is always appreciated. For now, everything will channel through on a post by post basis. As always, let's have some fun!