Fantasy Hockey MINI ONE (4/2)


We do this a bit differently as it is the final week. There is no sense in looking back at last week. It is time to go six days and determine some champions.  That is why our video today has a little extra Finnish to it.  Here is Teemu Selanne, a fantasy hockey marvel past the age of 40.  The NHL has a few of these wonders and its amazing to see how they just age so well.  How many 41 year olds can still rack up 65 points and 12 power play goals for a team that has struggles scoring?  Selanne has had an amazing career to this point with 663 goals, 742 assists, and 1405 points.  His career shooting percentage is an amazing 15.3%.  It is rare to see a sniper with that high of a career number.

Simply Selanne is one of the best fantasy players of all time and one of the most consistent.  Here is to you #8 and whatever you decide to do in the offseason.  Truth be told, he could play until he is 45.

Please check out our Look Ahead column from Garrett Rees.  It is everything you need to know and then some about this up and down final week.



This one goes out to Rachel Rose Cena, who won our fourth annnual fantasy keeper league last night.  It was a highly competitive league and in the end a 6-5 final so there were no complaints about tiebreakers and such.  The #1 seed went wire to wire and won or tied each week which is a first for the league and impressive for a first time GM.  Next year there will be a few rule changes and realignment so that should add to the plot.  It always does in a fantasy league.



Monday, April 2, 2012

Teams Notes
Washington at Tampa Bay 7:00 PM | Gameday
Edmonton at Los Angeles 10:30 PM | Gameday

Yes this is not a misprint ladies and gentlemen.  Do not worry there is a bunch of games on Tuesday.  However this is the theme of the week.  It will be a very up and down kind of final push that reminds you of the schedule in October and early November.  These are the types of schedules that lead to injuries in bunches so we want people to at least be aware.



Alex Ovechkin and Nicklas Backstrom (Washington) — This could be a fun duo to watch as they get used to each other again.  Fortunately for them they get to play Tampa Bay, which has a defense that is more leaky than your worst faucet.  As Backstrom gets up to speed, this may be the perfect chance to run these two players out there and see what happens in the last week.  Tonight looks to be a good outlook for them.

Steven Stamkos, C, Tampa Bay Lightning — Stamkos likes to play Washington but more importantly he still has an outside shot at a 60 goal season which is just a rare accomplishment these days.  With Tomas Vokoun out, it does give him a better shot and at the very least makes the Bolt a more attractive start for tonight.  A point or two seems likely but the first 20 minutes in this one may give hints as to the overall pace.

Jonathan Quick, G, Los Angeles Kings — The Kings have to keep winning and why Jonathan Bernier was even given a start remains a mystery to some.  Quick is far from tired and is probably the second best choice for the Vezina Trophy right now.  He is in the top 3 in many fantasy lists as well.  The Oilers will look to play spoiler but it is a back to back.  Either the Kings sleepwalk or they blow the doors off.  Either way, the goalie should play well.


Good luck tonight fantasy hockey fans and thanks again for reading.

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