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So Nikolai Khabibulin and the Edmonton Oilers had one of those home nights where nothing went right last night.  Ottawa chased the goalie in seven shots and rolled on to a 5-2 road win in Edmonton.  It left quite a few fantasy fans and hockey fans stunned.  Maybe it was the fact that Ottawa only fired 16 shots on Edmonton goalies that left a mark.  Whatever it was, Ottawa continues its strange and weird trip through the NHL season and into many fantasy hearts.  

Then there was the injury to Jaromir Jagr.  Ladies and gentlemen, we warned everyone that this was a possibility.  Anyone who thought Jagr could stay healthy over the rigors of an entire 82 game schedule had to be either nuts, insane, or sociopathic.  Either way, Jagr played three shifts last night for about 82 seconds of ice time and then was not seen since.  Apparently accoring to reports, it is a groin injury that is at least significant enough to keep him out against Winnipeg and potentially longer.  Keep an eye on this as groin injuries plus older players is often a recipe for a give and take that will test any fantasy player.  Yes he may be back Monday against Carolina but buyer beware.  A point a game guy who is aging and has a history of injuries in the last few years, we are just saying.

Finally there was Jimmy Howard and the Detroit Red Wings.  Last night, we asked them to show us something but it just seemed not in the cards.  The San Jose Sharks were the better team in the 5-2 win that chased Howard and left Detroit fans with some very telling questions, ones that I had not hurt in a long time fantasy wise or team wise.  Detroit had the chances with 42 shots on goal but Antti Niemi turned aside 40 in the win.  It was one of those Niemi games.  Marc-Edouard Vlasic was our Fantasy POTN with four points (1 G 3 A) and Joe Thornton chipped in with a goal and assist.  Henrik Zetterberg and Pavel Datsyuk had an assist each but just seemed not very relevant out there in a game where Detroit needed them.

Well on to the light schedule tonight…here it is.



Friday, November 18, 2011

Teams Notes
Buffalo at Carolina 7:00 PM | Gameday
Dallas at Colorado 9:00 PM | Gameday
Chicago at Calgary 9:00 PM | Gameday

Like we said, there are only three games.  Really there is not too much to talk about from a fantasy senseother than Carolina needs to right the ship, Buffalo needs a win too and Calgary is still trying to get a clue with a Captain that just cannot play sound defensively anymore.  Quickly, here is what to keep an eye on for Friday Night.



Jarome Iginla, F, Calgary Flames — He has to start scoring in bunches sometime for this team to be competitive.  When he does not, Calgary is a slightly below .500 team at best so most shudder to think what they could be at their worst.  His -10 does raise some red flags and he is at around a point every other game which is a bit disconcerting.  Maybe Chicago coming into town will help because clearly this seems to be a game Calgary is getting up for.

Paul Maurice, Coach, Carolina Hurricanes — All you need to know is Eric Staal and Cam Ward are having awful seasons for fantasy teams and part of the reason why has to fall at the feet of Maurice.  His schemes and coaching decisions have put this team in a hole and Wednesday’s 4-0 loss to Montreal may not be rock bottom.  If Carolina does not turn it around soon, more moves will come only delaying the inevitable.  That inevitable may actually help Staal and Ward owners so let’s see what they do tonight.


Well that is really it tonight as more than likely, we will be keeping an eye on all the games for everyone, giving our insights as always.  Good luck with your fantasy teams and thanks again.


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