Fantasy Hockey ONE (10/28)



There was an urge to show the Carey Price blunder but because he did win, we ultimately resisted.  It was one of the strangest nights all season in the fantasy hockey world.  There were own goals, wild games of endless scoring, and then goalie gaffes galore plus more.  It was a night some will remember but probably many fantasy hockey GM’s will forget. 

For small example, in the Winnipeg 9-8 win over Philadelphia last night, the Jets had NINE different goal scorers.  That is not exactly distinctly setting up for fantasy glory.  However in a bit that we are teasing here is our Turkey Breast for last night’s game.



Last night’s award goes to the goaltending from both Philadelphia and Winnipeg.  Yes Ondrej Pavelec faced 43 shots but some of those goals were awful breakdowns.  Winnipeg blew a 6-2 lead…that is right a 6-2 lead then won the game late 9-8.  Even more strange was 15 different players in all scored.  The Flyers goalies gave up nine goals on 25 shots.  Ilya Bryzgalov gave up the last four goals on ten shots while Sergei Bobrovsky gave up five goals on 15 shots.  This was not pretty and literally it was something that became surreal.  People forget about the 8-7 game against Tampa that Philadelphia had.  People have to wonder if its really the team defense and not just the goaltending in a city that has not won since 1975.  Clearly, there were turkeys galore in this one.



The Wizard was in the office — So Ray Whitney did a little clock turning last night as he tallied two goals and an assist in a 5-3 win over the New Jersey Devils.  The Phoenix Coyotes forward has been pretty solid all year but last night was a reminder of why Whitney can still be so good.  Johan Hedberg may still have nightmares from that second Whitney tally.  Not that many people own Whitney in leagues so he could be an option there for you going forward if you need a middle depth forward on your squad.

Home Opener Blues — One expected the New York Rangers to come out like a house of fire and beat the Toronto Maple Leafs last night.  Well they got the first part right as they hopped out to a 1-0 lead in a 16 shot first period.  The problem is there was 40 other minutes to be played.  In that time, the Rangers only generated 14 shots on goal as the Maple Leafs scored 4 of the next 5 goals to win the game 4-2.  Henrik Lundqvist was clearly a bit off last night as he stopped only 32 of 36 shots.  What may be more distressing to Lundqvist owners is again the no margin for error as team speed is still killing the Rangers more than Rangers brass seems to realize.  Fantasy wise that hurts anyone who owns a Ranger because some nights they have it but most they do not.

The Fisher King — While there was a nice performance in LA thanks to Slava Voynov (2 goals, 1 assist), there was what Mike Fisher did last night which may be more impressive on an offensively challenged team.  Fisher not only had two goals and an assist but he played 20:24 TOI last night which has to be a great boon for people that own the forward.  While he may not always get these type of minutes, his ATOI should be pretty close.  Clearly last night he was just what Nashville absolutely needed.



Friday, October 28, 2011

Teams Notes
Chicago at Carolina 7:00 PM | Gameday
San Jose at Detroit 7:30 PM | Gameday
Edmonton at Colorado 9:00 PM | Gameday
St. Louis at Calgary 9:00 PM | Gameday

It is a light schedule with some pretty nice fantasy firepower thrown in.  This may just have the makings of a good night to set up your Saturday in fantasy leagues.



Gabriel Landeskog, F, Colorado Avalanche — There is just a feeling that this kid is going to do something tonight in fantasy leagues.  This really is based all on guts and hunches to be honest but Landeskog does one of the most basic precepts well and that is put the puck on net.  It really does not matter who is in net for the talented forward, he has that tunnel focus that most elite rookies posess.  He will be one not to miss on this night.

Crawford Vs. Ward — In Carolina tonight, there should be a fun matchup between the once young wunderkind in Cam Ward and potentially the next youngster to win a Stanley Cup in Corey Crawford.  The Blackhawks and Hurricanes are two teams that really can score but they also do make some awful defensive decisions which means their goalie need to be on top of their game.  Carolina makes these gaffes more often generally but this does make for entertaining hockey and fantasy hockey as well for the fan.  Expect a 3-2 or 4-3 game full of intrigue that probably goes to OT or even a shootout.  These are still two goalies you want to have on your fantasy team.

Jarome Iginla, F, Calgary Flames — It is looking more and more like Iginla does not quite have the form he once had.  Whether it is injuries or whatever, he just does not look the same on the ice.  Yes he does have three points in his last three games but has just 4 in 8 on the year and only 21 SOG on the young year.  St. Louis may offer a bit of panicea depending on who is in net for them (yes Elliott or Halak makes a difference).  With the Blues they may be due for another clunker no matter what which has to heighten hopes for a good Iginla night.


Good luck everyone on your fantasy leagues and we will see you tonight with some good old fashioned live tweeting.  Also The NO Goal Sports Show is on at 11pm ET for all your sports and fantasy sports needs.


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