Your Slot Here: Barry Melrose Rocks

I was told once there was this funny nut on Bloguin that made me laugh hysterically.  Kevin has assembled a fine team in that never ending quest to blow up the Death Star.  Seriously, Kevin and his merry band of friend continue to make us laugh, think, drink plenty, and get a little angry every so often.  There are so many ways to go here but I still swear the Devils post is just wrong on so many levels.  I had my own list and here it goes:


The Islanders should be moved to a third world hockey country so they never make those cupcakes.

Neil Smith was their best GM in the last 15 years and he lasted less than a month and a half.

I am still waiting for Alexei Yashin to come off the books.

The Isles should have been allowed to go to China…and stay there.

Garth Snow is the sidekick from Wayne’s World that no one knew about.

Only the Isles can drag out the DiPietro mess longer than the amount of F-bombs he uses on Versus.

Lastly, the Isles have had more man games lost to injury than anyone else in the last decade…you would think the basement would be its own hospital.


Okay enough on that kind of humor.  I will have to leave that to the experts.  The NHL Draft Kegs, the real interviews with actual people, and A Handy Guide For Beginners are just a few of my favorite columns.  If you have not read them, go do so now.  Simply I have known Kevin and company for the past 3 to almost 4 years and honestly there are few blogs quite like his out there.  Kevin knows a lot about the serious side of hockey as well.

The fact that The Enforcer, Loser Domi, and Ryan are along for the ride just shows how much BMR has grown.  Everyone remembers the mullet that Kevin worships to.  It is that mullet that clearly drives the humor that makes BMR what it has become today.  If you want to laugh and you want your hockey mixed in like a hard alcoholic cocktail, then Barry Melrose Rocks is for you.  Go try it today…you will not be disappointed…I guarantee it!




Yes it is their patron saint….

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