What If Arbitration Hearings Were…..


To be honest and I may irk some Penguin and Caps fans here but frankly I do not care.  I am not interested in the “Versus Classic” between the Penguins and Capitals on January 1st.  Yes this presser is going on live on the NHL Network but I would much rather watch some of the more entertaining arbitration hearings on TV.

Could you have imagined Sean Avery sitting across from Glen Sather or Lou Lamoriello sitting across from any player?  By the way, Alex Frolov has signed with the Rangers as well.  Frolov, by the way, would be a great player to go to an arbitration hearing to see.  However, the one that has caught my eye is the Blake Wheeler hearing.  Let’s face it.  Boston has a bit to lose here and they have been known to walk away from awards though most say they will not here.  However, you never know.

Is this an idea that should be pitched to NHL Network execs.  I think it may be a time to start a campaign as far as getting arbitration hearings on television.  Sure there are not that many but come on, there are quite a few memorable ones.  By the way, we had one walkaway this year as the Thrashers walked away from Clarke MacArthur’s 2.4 million dollar award.

Plus there is the added bonus of potential tears not shed by us or the angst of some fans who do not care about Gary Bettman’s wet dreams.  To some, that may be too much information but this video from last year is still a gem and should have more views somehow.



Though most teams avoid arbitration hearings like the Isles did with Matt Moulson signing him to a 1 yr, 2.45 million dollar deal, some teams and players almost feel destined to go to arbitration.  Like I said before, NHL arbitration hearings on TV would be must see TV even for the few we actually get this time of year.

The analysts would have to be the team’s TV guys simply to add to the homerism with one neutral party as an additional commentator.  The whole hearing could be televised or parts that are nonconsequential could be edited out.  I figure a 2 hour slot for one hearing should be enough with post analysis after.  So hockey fans, lend me your ears.  What do you think of this?

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