This One Is For You Phoenix Fans…

Simply you did it Phoenix fans and by a vote of 5-2 the Coyotes will stay for at least the next 30 years in Phoenix.  Instead of putting my two cents in, it is best to give credit where its all due…to ever Phoenix fan out there.  Sure there will be more coming in the next several hours but thanks to Travis Hair, Heather McWhorter, and so many others that I have gotten to know over the past couple years.  They have fought for their franchise hard and truly have a chance now to watch it grow.  First up, Mr. Travis Hair.

The City of Glendale has approved a new lease agreement with likely new owner Matthew Hulsizer that should keep the Phoenix Coyotes in Glendale for the next 30 years. While council members Phil Lieberman and Yvonne Knaack voted no citing concerns about the financing of the deal and the possibility, though remote, that Hulsizer could use an out clause in the deal to take the money and leave. The five other member of the council didn’t seem to have any issues with the terms of the deal though as they all voted in favor of the deal. Following the lease approval, the council then voted in favor of the bond issue to fund it 6-1. Odd that Yvonne Knaack would be in favor of one and not the other, but that’s neither here nor there as both motions passed and Coyotes fans are nearly done with this 2 year ordeal. 

So now there is one more thing that needs to be said and this is personal.  Here is a toast to every single Coyotes fan, you truly have your chance to make this work.  And Heather, a special heartfelt congratulations to you.  I can only imagine the feeling running inside of you right now.  Just smile from ear to ear knowing that hopefully generations ahead can realize what the few did on this day. Think about that for just a second and truly it will be realized that anything is possible.

Now of course, for Phoenix it is pretty much over.  However, there are always other battles.  Tonight, that does not matter.  Give us your comments and again raise a glass for the Coyotes Coalition because they truly deserve it.  Have a great night!

Chris Wassel
Director Of The Program 

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