Please help out….a good cause…

Anything anyone can do to help…whether this gets retweeted or however….this is for an extremely good cause….


DONATE to Help Scott

There is now a very simple, efficient way to help Scott and his family with some of the ENORMOUS expenses related to his great challenge. A Donation link has been installed at the top of the forums, just below the nav bar. It’s really easy to use. Simply click “Donate Now“. That will take you to a page on which you select the donation amount and then click “submit”…which will take you directly to Scott’s/his family’s Paypal account. Please note that SJ is not an intermediary…just a conduit. All donations go directly to Scott/his family.

We’ve arbitrarily set a $3000 goal, but we KNOW we can exceed that. We have over 700 members, so if all of us donate “only” $5 each, we’ll exceed the goal. However, some can afford to donate a lot more than others. Do whatever your heart as well as your bank account lead/permit you to do.

This and the T-Shirt drive are all about Scott. The T-Shirts are great, but not all can afford them. Also, it could take a month or more for the T-Shirt proceeds to get to Scott/his family. This donation link provides an economical, direct, & IMMEDIATE way for virtually all of us to help Scott and his family.

Please donate early and give as much as you can.

Thank you,

The Staff of SJ



So if you can even donate just a few bucks or just mention it on your twitter, facebook or whereever.  Thank you so much and have a great night.


Chris Wassel

Director Of The Program

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