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Here is our INJURY TICKER, a daily or near daily feature that takes a look at new injuries in the NHL and a quick look at the old ones.


Hockey Witch


(Even our HockeyWitch approves wholeheartedly)


We are back at last for the 2011-12 NHL season.  Why?  Well this is because injuries do not the offseason off as we have seen with Ryan Kesler (hip) and Travis Zajac (Achilles).  Thanks once again to TSN and for the latest.

The goal will be to provide more “quick info” for injuries so keep checking back periodically for updates as we get ready for the new season.


Chicago Blackhawks:

Patrick Sharp — Out 3-4 weeks with appendicitis.  Unusual abdominal pain for a persistent period is generally a sign.  Fortunately for Sharp it was caught before it became abcessed.


Plenty of more information to come.  If you have any new news, please send an email at or TheProgramBTR on twitter.

You have been warned.

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