Fh101: The Return Of Injury Ninja

Every training camp, this “ninja” makes an appearance like an unwelcome houseguest.  The Injury Ninja!  Here is how clumsy the Injury Ninja actually is…as seen here…..



Thanks Mike.


The “Ninjury” is a term derived from the ancient art of hexing players.  The problem is it got so out of control that the Injury Ninja was born.  Three years later we continue that tradition and now give you first the injury list from TSN but now a regular fantasy column on injuries that have happened or could linger.  As of today, here is the injury list officially.


Player Date Status Description
Joffrey Lupul 2010-09-13 expected to miss 10/8 against Detroit back surgery


Player Date Status Description
Marco Sturm 2010-09-13 expected to miss at least two months right knee surgery
Trent Whitfield 2010-09-13 out indefinitely Achilles surgery
Marc Savard 2010-09-22 out indefinitely post-concussion symptoms


Player Date Status Description
Marc-Andre Gragnani 2010-09-18 expected to miss 4-6 weeks sprained knee
Marc-Andre Gragnani 2010-09-22 undisclosed undisclosed


Player Date Status Description
Mark Cullen 2010-09-22 out indefinitely Achilles surgery

Los Angeles

Player Date Status Description
Matt Greene 2010-09-13 expected to miss 1-2 months left shoulder surgery


Player Date Status Description
Pierre-Marc Bouchard 2010-09-13 questionable for 10/7 against Carolina concussion
James Sheppard 2010-09-13 out indefinitely left knee surgery


Player Date Status Description
Andrei Markov 2010-09-13 expected to miss at least two months right knee surgery

New Jersey

Player Date Status Description
Anssi Salmela 2010-09-13 expected to miss two months knee surgery

NY Rangers

Player Date Status Description
Chris Drury 2010-09-21 out four weeks broken left index finger


Player Date Status Description
Chris Pronger 2010-09-13 questionable for 10/7 against Pittsburgh right knee surgery


Player Date Status Description
Jordan Staal 2010-09-16 expected to miss 4-6 weeks right foot surgery

Tampa Bay

Player Date Status Description
Paul Ranger 2010-09-13 out indefinitely personal


Player Date Status Description
Sami Salo 2010-09-13 out indefinitely right Achilles surgery
Alexandre Burrows 2010-09-13 expected to miss 1-2 months left shoulder surgery


As always there are players that did not quite make the injury cut but could potentially be injured.  There are also the normal soreness issues that come with preseason and training camp.  Furthermore, there are other injuries to keep an eye on.  Hopefully they are not too serious.

Jacob Josefson of the Devils has an undisclosed injury.  He should play Saturday but then again he was supposed to play last night.  Basically file this one under the who knows until you see him practicing mantra.  Also Katie Strang reports via Twitter that Kyle Okposo has a shoulder issue that is going to be evaluated later.  Look, this could be nothing at all or something to keep an eye on.  This time of year, no one ever quite knows until it is usually too late to do something with your fantasy roster.

The favorite is the groin issue.  So many players have it.  Some have it chronically, right Marian Gaborik?  Also, some injuries are listed from old injuries.  Jordan Staal has a foot infection from rushing back off the foot surgery.  Marc Savard has post concussion syndrome from probably coming back a hair too fast from the Matt Cooke hit.  Recovery from surgeries takes up a good chunk of space on the injury list this time of year.  That will change very soon.

The social media outlets will get you injury news faster than you can even think.  Think about all the news one sees floating on Twitter on a daily basis.  For an illustration, that Jacob Josefson undisclosed injury is actually a bruised foot.  He took a shot off his foot Tuesday Night in Philly.  See in just five minutes, an injury can be explained some of the time.  A special hat tip to Tom Gulitti from Fire And Ice for that one.

As the season goes on, we will provide more commentary from the Injury Ninja and his list.  If you tihnk your team is immune to the Injury Ninja, think again as he is always watching.  See you next Friday.

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