FH 101: League Updates…..

Just wanted to update everyone on the latest going on with some fantasy leagues that we are floating around.  First off, the IHFDL Veterans Draft is in full steam now.  Want to see the list of picks?  Sure you do.  Here they are.

Veteran Roster Draft

1. Rich Gershuny, Alexander Ovechkin, WAS, Forward
2. Anthony Curatolo, Sydney Crosby, PIT, Forward
3. Brad Kurtzberg, Evgeni Malkin, PIT, Forward
4. Alex Linsky, Steve Stamkos, TAM, Forward
5. Darryl Houston Smith, Nicklas Backstrom, WAS, Forward
6. Ben Shyman, Mike Green, WAS, Defense
7. Kevin Greenstein, Drew

Doughty, LAK, Defense
8. John Woolard,

Duncan Keith, CHI, Defense
9. Tim Rosenthal,

Zach Parise, NJD, Forward
10. Chris Wassel,

Martin Brodeur, NJD, Goalie
11. Chris Wassel, Ryan Miller, BUF, Goalie
12. Tim Rosenthal, Henrik Sedin, VAN, Forward
13. John Woolard, Henrik Lundqvist, NYR, Goalie
14. Kevin Greenstein, Tuukka Rask, BOS, Goalie
15. Ben Shyman, Roberto Luongo, VAN, Goalie
16. Darryl Houston Smith,

Marc-Andre Fleury, PIT, Goalie
17. Alex Linsky,

Ilya Bryzgalov, PHO, Goalie
18. Brad Kurtzberg,

Jimmy Howard, DET, Goalie
19. Anthony Curatolo,

Jaroslav Halak , STL, Goalie
20. Rich Gershuny, Tyler Myers, BUF, Defense
21. Rich Gershuny, Dan Boyle, SJS, Defense
22. Anthony Curatolo,

Shea Weber, NSH, Defense
23. Brad Kurtzberg,

Daniel Sedin, VAN, Forward
24. Alex Linsky, Eric Johnson, STL, Defense
25. Darryl Houston Smith, Patrick Kane, CHI, Forward
26. Ben Shyman, Ilya Kovalchuk, NJD, Forward
27. Kevin Greenstein,

Anze Kopitar, LAK, Forward
28. John Woolard,

Dany Heatley, SJS, Forward
29. Tim Rosenthal,

Nicklas Lidstrom, DET, Defense
30. Chris Wassel,

Brent Seabrook, CHI, Defense
31. Chris Wassel,

Jason Spezza, OTT, Forward
32. Tim Rosenthal,

Miikka Kiprusoff, CGY, Goalie
33. John Woolard,

Ryan Getzlaf, ANA, Forward
34. Kevin Greenstein, Marian Gaborik, NYR, Forward
35. Ben Shyman,

Marian Hossa, CHI, Forward

36. Darryl Houston Smith,

Alexander Semin, WASH, Forward
37. Alex Linsky, Jonathan Toews, CHI, Forward
38. Brad Kurtzberg,

Joe Thornton, SJ Forward
39. Anthony Curatolo,

Mike Richards, PHI, Forward
40. Rich Gershuny,

Tomas Vokoun, FLA, Goalie

41. Rich Gershuny,

Patrick Marleau, SJS, Forward

42. Anthony Curatolo, Semyon Varlamov, WAS, Goalie
43. Brad Kurtzberg,

Craig Anderson, COL, Goalie
44. Alex Linsky, Jonas Hiller, ANA, Goalie
45. Darryl Houston Smith,

Zdeno Chara, BOS, Defense

46. Ben Shyman,

Christian Ehrhoff, VAN, Defense
47. Kevin Greenstein, Dion Phanuf, TOR, Defense
48. John Woolard, Eric Staal, CAR, Forward
49. Tim Rosenthal,

Martin St. Louis, TAM, Forward
50. Chris Wassel,

Bobby Ryan, ANA, Forward
51. Chris Wassel, Chris Pronger, PHI, Defense
52. Tim Rosenthal, Pekka Rinne, NAS, Goalie
53. John Woolard, Erik Karlsson, OTT, Defense
54. Kevin Greenstein, Carey Price, MON, Goalie
55. Ben Shyman,

Henrik Zetterberg, DET, Forward
56. Darryl Houston Smith,

Antti Niemi, CHI, Goalie
57. Alex Linsky,

Keith Yandle, PHO, Defense
58. Brad Kurtzberg,

Sergei Gonchar, OTT, Defense
59. Anthony Curatolo, Corey Perry, ANA, Forward
60. Rich Gershuny,

Niklas Backstrom, MIN, Goalie
61. Rich Gershuny,

Lubomir Visnovsky, ANA, Defense
62. Anthony Curatolo, Marty Turco, CHI, Goalie
Keep in mind that contracts are in a sequential order and can vary from 1-5 years.  That is a key twist in this dynasty league.  It kind of operates like its own salary cap.  So you may see some players fall down a lot further than in your average year to year league.  Strategies go all over the place in a league like this especially with a nice purse at the end.  Everyone’s rosters all look good, no one is injured, and there is perpetual hope.
As I will say often all year, this is the time where nothing can go wrong or so you think.  For example, with the signing of Marty Turco today, Antti Niemi is basically without a home.  He likely will end up somewhere as a backup which diminishes his value greatly.  If he ends up on a below average team, that sixth round pick is a true dud.  It happens.  The reality is it is the nature of the beast.  Early August threw us a mild surprise but one that involves a Stanley Cup Champ is always news.  More on the IHFDL in the coming weeks obviously.
Now as mentioned on the show last night, we are accepting names for our podcast keeper league.  It will be a little different than last year and honestly a bit harder.  We do have some help from our ESPN Fantasy Hockey Friends.  Victoria, Sean, and Tim are always ready with their early rankings on defensemen, forwards, and goalies.  Read them at your leisure and enjoy because it is important to read now over reading later.
The ESPN leagues typically appear around the first week of September so we are extending an invite out to anyone who wants to join now and that goes for Victoria, Sean, and Tim as well.  The defending champion last year will expect nothing less than an even more competitive league this year.  Yes we will be losing a few members sadly for various reasons but it may just help the overall balance of the league in the long run.  We will extend our invitation to all bounds, forums, and yes even The NHL Arena as well.  I want to personally issue a challenge to all.  If you want to bring your “A” game, come try and beat me in my own league.
So until next week, just remember we are doing our rankings via the podcast this year and will try to have a print list not too long after.  Bring the heat and hope that your fantasy leagues rock this upcoming season.
Chris Wassel
Director Of The Program

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