Fantasy Hockey 101: A Brief Update

Coming in the next few weeks will be something completely different for Fantasy Hockey 101.  Also we want to throw out a side congrats to the Nashville fans who made tonight’s Preds-Hawks game a sellout.  Awesome job guys…you rock!

Now getting back to the matter at hand here.  What we are going to do besides giving you updated playoff information so you can see how your playoff pools are doing but we are also going to take a look back at our rankings before the season and sit there and wonder what went so wrong and what went so right.  It is a way of giving back to the loyal readers and it is also a way to see how we can do this even better in the coming year.

Also, we will be taking a look back at some past drafts for busts and booms as well as some sleepers you never saw coming even from Hades.  Trends are very hard to spot but the goal here is to do this in a nuts and bolts way that makes it easier for fantasy hockey fans to understand.  You want the information quick and concise and that is our goal.  Why dress it up with a bowtie and tux when you can just get to the meat and potatoes of the matter.

Fancy matrices are not what we are about here.  If you want that or if you want to pay a whole bunch of money, then this is not for you.  We give you the tools to think for yourself.  Fantasy hockey often involves more luck than anything else.  We foster that belief and just nudge you along with information.  Nobody wants to have to read hundreds of pages of information to get just what you need at that point and time.

So starting next week we will take a look at the Top 25 goalies we picked and then sheepishly determine whether they overperformed, underperformed, or were just right on target.  There will be quite a few surprises along the way and expect many disagreements as we consulted with some of the best and brightest in the fantasy hockey industry for this.  You have been warned.

Now go enjoy those playoff hockey pools where all you had to do was set it and forget it.  Happy reading and yes the turkeys will be released again on Thursday.

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