Sunday Dash Of Headlines

BallHype: hype it up!

This has been one of the saddest hockey days for yours truly in quite some time. Let’s see if some of those headlines will cheer me up!!!

Sunday Dash Of Headlines

So the Panthers won something…well not quite directly…they did win (their ECHL team) the Brabham Cup. But any rate a big congratulations go out. (Litter Box Cats)

Mirtle lists his Masterton Trophy nominees….really astute job as always James! (From The Rink)

A good article even though I may not agree with it as Kaleta got killed by Lapierre last night in a rather dirty way. Did he deserve it? You be the judge! (HHCIB)

Brandon goes full tilt and breaks down the Stars’ PK during Toby Petersen’s absence. (Defending Big D)

Tales Of The Tape: Sean Avery Vs. Tyler Kennedy???? Yes it happened. (Pensburgh)

Corey Potter up…Mike Sauer down….I wonder if the Rangers are doing d-man casting calls or they just really need a fix to Roszival gets back???? (Puck Central)

Seattle got eliminated by Spokane last night in the WHL but there is more! (Silver7Sens)

A very interesting Brent Sutter quote and very telling as well….poor Marty! (ILWT)

The NCAA Hockey Tourney is much better for pure madness and insanity. (On Frozen Blog)

Coach Stevens postgame from last night….be thankful for the two points! (FFC)

Game Day Notes for Detroit vs. Nashville…..another must win for Nashville. (On The Wings Blog)

A classic 1973 Stanley Cup in three parts….onetwo…and three! (Eyes On The Prize)

Video time….

BU Student Section!!

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