Special Thanks….

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I just wanted to take this time to especially thank all the people who have made the podcast possible and kept it going as well. Yes even William Wilsson as well. For without his little push….The Program would still be a thought on an email and not reality.

There really are so many people to say thanks to. Ryan Porth for becoming my right hand man through the months and helping us out. To Rick, Mike, and Dan…..it has been one fun ride and I cannot wait to see what happens next season. To think of all the great guests we have had and the ones we will have in the future is pretty cool to say the least and sometimes leaves me even awestruck to a point.

To Brad Stewart who has helped us out behind the scenes so much. We would not be heading to FanHuddle without him. Our traffic steadily increases and much of that work is due to him. Hey I do work hard but the man probably works harder than anyone I have ever been associated with. Just to think the best is still to come with this blog. That has always been and will be my goal.

For the listeners…I raise a glass up for you. Basically no show without the listeners who keep on coming back and telling their friends. We surely have a loyal bunch that is more than just a clique now….remember that one folks? I always do. It is what motivates me more than anything to make this the best blog and podcast I can.

So from the staff to you…I wanted to simply say thank you and a hearty hope knowing this is only the beginning. See you tonight on the show.


The staff from The Program

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