Slow News Day Everyone…

BallHype: hype it up!

Wow it is a slow one today. Sure the Vancouver Canucks ownership situation is settled after 5+ years, and there were some minor signings…but really not much has gone on. Also, everyone is tired of Dany Heatley already so you will not see it on this post. Here is an article on the report that Mike Sullivan will be joining the Rangers staff as an assistant.

Now everyone ask the obvious question….okay Chris what do you do on this slow of a news day? Think about there will be many more of these throughout the summer. People know the reality of the “dog days” and we are entering into them now. One thing is certain I will not dignify the Joe Sakic retirement ceremony on any top games list for next season because of the Avalanche’s continued lack of respect toward any shred of tradition whatsoever. Sorry everyone. I still firmly believe that Pierre Lacroix is closer to the insane asylum than to a playoff spot.

However do not fret…..we have something on the horizon coming real soon. Hang in there.

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