Show Outline Tonight….

BallHype: hype it up!

Tonight on The Program…we go 2 hard hitting hours for maybe the last time…stay tuned for that. On this special edition, we go with the best of 2009 and the best of the decade. Add in some more and some debate over Team Canada and you have yourselves a nice year end show.

Here is what is on tap……

The Program (Year End Edition)

— Intros

— Live scoring updates

— The Best of 2009……

— The Best Of The Decade

— Break time and such!

— Blog and podcast news

— World Juniors Update

— The fuss over Team Canada

— Oh how captains get traded…..

— Rapid Fire

— Final Jeopardy

— Aloha means goodbye 2009.

Expect a show full of fireworks tonight and hell we will make sure to toss in a few surprises as well. Do not forget, you can listen to us via ITunes…just search for The Program and hope to see you there at 8pm ET only on Blog Talk Radio!!!!


Chris Wassel

Director Of The Program

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