Playoff Race: On The East Side

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The East is not quite as crazy as the West but there is a ton of jockeying for position as the final couple weeks are here. Twelve days until the end of the season and well we have what we believe are the playoff berths. First off here are the current standings up to the minute.

(As always…teams, games played, and points).

4. Philadelphia 75 92
5. Carolina 77 91
6. Pittsburgh 76 90
7. NY Rangers 77 89
8. Montreal 75 86
9. Florida 76 85
10. Buffalo 75 82

It is going to be a very bumpy ride….even Philly is on this list technically because they have not clinched a playoff spot just yet. Give it a few games. Carolina and Pittsburgh appear to be relatively safe. Buffalo almost has to run the table and hope for a bit of help to get in and Florida is really on the fence but has to win at least 4 games minimum just to have a shot.

Now we can issue our official playoff in and out…..we are sorry about the ones we left out but it needs to be done for the sake of humanity or in this case…just to take a stand and make a guess. Let’s get it on!!


11-15 have been dead and buried for a long time….but these are the predictions we are going with. The Rangers are in based on the fact that they should be able to split a Philly home and home and that will be the difference. Montreal’s extra game will be pivotal in getting into the playoffs. Now I know Ryan Miller can move mountains but I just do not think it will be enough. As for Florida…they just give up too many shots and chances per game to make it. We could be wrong but this is what we are going with.

Next Tuesday, we will attempt to project seedings and matchups in the East. Until then aloha means goodbye for now.

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