Fantasy Hockey 101: The Finals!

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At long last…nearly 6 months of fantasy hockey comes down to the last TWO WEEKS!! First off, if you have made your finals….congratulations! Now to get on to business because that is what we are all about here….the business!

I want to spotlight one final I am in this week….and the nice thing is we will try to give occasional updates on how it is going…what I am thinking and what I may do if things go South. Hey it does occur in the first week. I always try to start fast, and never let the pedal off….EVER! If you can grab the lead…go for it…just obviously not at the cost of your team.

This week’s battle is the war of the top two teams in the league. That in some ways is the way it should be in a purist term. Put up the #1 and #2 teams and let the world err hockey sort it out! Best team wins and at the end of the two weeks…a congratulations. That’s the dignified way to go.

Now this league is not for money but I am in a few that are. Ironically on paper, this is the closest league to me at least. So we will see what occurs. I have a plan with my goalies and hopefully they stay hot. Really, they have lifted my team to where it is. Time to stop the talking….time to get it on!

So wish me luck with this battle and I will have several updates during the two weeks. I want to thank the many people that have helped me with Fantasy Hockey 101. A big thanks to everyone along the way that has shaped my little niche in the hockey world. I can never be more grateful that I am now. Again, good luck to everyone that has made their finals!


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