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Thank you KC for this gem from April of 2007…the 28th to be exact after a 2-0 loss by the Wings at the hands of the San Jose Sharks. Here is the story….

The Detroit Red Wings suffered a stifling loss to the San Jose Sharks last night. .. and all along I sat there watching the game, with the sour taste of the 93 playoffs in the back of my mind. That was the very first season I ever paid attention to Detroit Red Wings Hockey. That was one of the most bitter tasting seasons that I had ever experienced. It was also the key ingredient of my personal dislike of Chris Osgood. I thought to myself what has all changed since the time between then and now. The sport of hockey had changed dramatically. The time for the rough and tough hockey teams of old had made way for the fast and multitalented skaters of new.

I watched as Nabokov stone-walled everything that the Red Wings could throw at him. He shined as a very strong reason why San Jose had such a easy time handling the Nashville Predators in the first round. I could see that the Red Wings were not fully recovered from their first round matchup with the Calgary Flames. I’m sure once they stepped on the ice, they had to take a few moments to realize that they weren’ t going to be playing the same game against the Sharks. The Sharks have a much deeper team and their lines are built for production.

As far as the game went, I had noticed a few things… I was very disappointed with the amount of action that was there, the two San Jose goals happened within 25 seconds of each other and after that, the game slowed to a halt as San Jose put a choke hold on any offense that Detroit could muster.

Detroit will have to be on the rebound and switch up their gameplan to be hopefully to even up the series at the Joe. Sources are now reporting that the Red Wings will be without Holmstrom and Lebda once again. San Jose will look to duplicate what they did in Game 1, and might even look to get some more goals onto the board.

Kc’s Stars of the Game

1st Star – E. Nabokov
2nd Star – M. Carle
3rd Star – J. Thornton

“Kc’s Rant”

One of the bigger things that is really starting to become a big conversational topic in the Detroit area was this, “If Detroit is Hockeytown, how is it that they cannot even sellout their own arena?” To myself being a diehard wings fan, this really kills me… The prices have been jacked up through the roof up here. Michigan is not doing very well financially, the amount of people moving out of the state because things are so bad. I was entertaining the idea of getting tickets.

For simple standing room tickets, for the playoffs were an astounding $76 dollars. During the regular season, they are $28. How in the world does Mike Illitch (Owner of the Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Tigers, Little Caesars Pizza, etc.) expect for fans in a financially stricken city to be able to pay that much to come and see their team play? It is unbelievable to think that they would mark up the tickets that much. I talked to my friends who have season tickets, and for nosebleeds, ~5 rows from the top of Joe Louis Arena, the tickets were costing him $81. Lower bowl is sitting at a wallet emptying $135.

The people that get to benefit from it are all the corporations who have bought out the entire lower bowl of the Joe Louis Arena. All the die hard fans are unable to get tickets, along with being able to shell out the outrageous amount of money for tickets. So stop with the comments about how Detroit can’t sell out a game… especially when its not the fans controlling it.

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