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As we slowly recover from the turkey trauma…it is time for another Your Slot Here. I am kidding about the turkey trauma. I want more turkey for lunch! Now today we as we span through the blogosphere….I think to myself…what really catches my eye. There were some tough choices for this week and I really did not know which way to go. I had thought about doing a beer consult for this…and Sam Adams was my choice….so people may have an idea where I am going with this.

But not quite….one of my old favorites is back….Cloud 9 Sports!!!! Derek is one of the best out there…period! Yes he does cover several sports but even if it is not…he covers hockey more passionately than most diehard hockey fans. That is refreshing as much as his candor when it comes to the sport. He has also fired back with his Studs and Shockers…as the podcast is back at last!

Now of course my favorite was about the Brian Burke orgy in Toronto. Toronto media has gone too far I agree. He is not the messiah….he is a man who is taking over your sad sack of a team. Get over it already!! The fans are almost as giddy as the media and the PPP. There comes a time people where enough is enough. The Maple Leafs have a ton of work to do to get back to a point where they can contend to win a Stanley Cup. Has it been over 40 years already? Yes it has. I guess any good news drives this town to climax in ways maybe I can not understand.

Furthermore, I found a gem from May….this one has Oprah in it amazingly. I like the philosophy at least. Organizational restructuring needs good hired help and this one explores that concept at length. Now my thought was always good help is hard to find and it probably is even more true at the NHL and it shows. Sometimes I wonder how these retreads still find jobs. Maybe some day the NHL will find that common sense. Until then, I am sure Derek will keep talking about it.

So if you want an opinionated, in your face blog that covers hockey and a little more…okay a lot more…well then Cloud 9 is the blog for you. Though the frequency of blogs is not what some of the big boys and girls bring….the quality may even surpass those top dogs. Truthfully someday, I hope to get Derek on the podcast. His insight is truly unique coming from such a very intelligent and respectful man and blogger.

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