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Jaci Donahe I swear the guy looks familiar.

Today we spotlight a nice Bruins blog called Wicked Bruins Fan. Jaci Donahe is one of the best writers I know and likely isn’t afraid to admit it either. I believe she is one of those few people that can truly squeeze a new angle out of a story most previously believe to be dead. That takes rare talent and a hell of a hockey fan!!

Then there is the fact that 100 people subscribe to just her feed alone. That is some serious loyalty right there. I still like the Dissecting The Warmups because posts like that keep fans coming for more. With live blogs, game previews, and more…Jaci gives her loyal readership the best idea of what it is like to be a true fan of a team and does not hold back. Another very smart thing is the twitter page and many ask what is twitter. Well here is an example.

The blog’s appearance is also very organized and simple. That does make it admittedly very easy to read. Naturally there is also a very nice cause as well. Sometimes it really is the simplicity of a blog that draws you more to it. That is definitely the case with Wicked Bruins Fan…it is so simply yet so well done that you can’t help but to read it.

Now of course I am wondering what WBF will do next. That is the beauty of the future. No one really knows. One thing is for sure, it will not be dull. This spotlight and cider goes out to a hard working lady who loves her Bruins. Jaci, this one’s for you!

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